Ketsourine Macarons, Almost Too Pretty to Eat

If you’re wondering if Ketsourine Macarons is as cute in person as it is online, we’re here to tell you abso-freaking-lutely. We’ve been admiring their creations on instagram for months now, and we’re happy to tell you all that their macarons lived up to their hype 200%.  On top of that, their store was a masterpiece in itself – everything was pristine, and the interior oozed class and elegance.

There are two cookie sizes available on the daily: classic & grande. Classic’s priced at $2.25, and grande’s $3.25 a pop. Their main flavors include pistachio, lemon, raspberry, espresso, strawberry, chocolate, and caramel, while their signatures are the following: pecan maple praline, thai tea latte, guava rose, and earl grey.

In addition to macarons, they sell teas, coffee, and boba!  We tried their caramel bubble tea (pictured below), but it was way too sweet for us – maybe we got the wrong flavor?  We definitely could’ve done without the whipped cream and sprinkles, but that’s just our opinion.  Let us know what you think of their beverages if you’ve had a chance to try them!  Also, for those of you interested, they offer macaron ice creams for $5.

Our favorite menu items were, hands down, their adorable character macaroons.  They had a bunch of different ones available for sale including Pusheen, Pikachu and Jigglypuff.  We may or may not have spent a good 5-10 minutes fawning over them.

If you live in the bay area or are visiting San Francisco, you must go and try their macarons – they’re seriously too cute to pass up and let’s be real, how could anyone resist featuring them on the ‘gram?


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