Ristorante Firenze: Family Run in Reisterstown

We are ALL about supporting local businesses so we were pumped to eat at a Ristorante Firenze, family run restaurant in Reisterstown,  Run by Baltimore natives with roots in Little Italy, Larry and Brian Leonardi started off as bus boys, servers, and then cooks in their uncle’s restaurant Velleggia’s before opening their own restaurant.

We started our meal with drinks, a Florence Sunset and a white sangria, and sipped them slowly while browsing their menu. There were tons of apps to choose from, but we ultimately decided to go with the bruschetta ($13) and eggplant caprese tower ($13).  The former came with crab meat, and the latter featured crispy fried eggplant, fresh mozzarella and tomato drizzled with pesto vinaigrette.  Honestly, we could’ve done without the bruschetta, but the tower was on point!  We truly enjoyed every bite and loved how much cheese they gave us.

A close-up shot of the eggplant app!  And yes, it tastes just as good as it looks.

Next up came our salads + soups.  The pollo and pasta soup was hearty and delicious! It came out piping hot, and the pasta was cooked perfectly – al dente, just the way it should be.  Each spoonful was packed with filling + flavor, and it tasted just like something grandma would make.

We were having a pretty good time at Ristorante Firenze until then, but the entrees (the signature trio and lobster ravioli) were a bit of a letdown. The trio came with 2 meatballs in marinara, fettuccini, alfredo and pesto spaghetti ($15), and the ravioli ($19) was served in a old bay cream sauce.  Unfortunately, the pasta was overcooked, the meatballs were dry, and the sauces weren’t flavorful enough.

We were still hungry at that point so we decided to get coffee and share a Spumoni Bomba ($7.45).  Imported from Italy, it contained chocolate, strawberry, and pistachio ice cream in a dark chocolate shell.

Ristorante Firenze gets 3/5 stars from us!  The food was a 2.5-3, but our waitress was great so we rounded their rating up.  If you decide to go and get your nom on, try their pick “due” for lunch.  It’s only $10, and you get to choose 2 from the following:  side casa salad, minestrone soup, small tuscan pizza, half ciabatta sandwich, homemade pasta, petite caesar salad, and pasta/pollo soup.  Happy eating, nomsters!


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