1310 Kitchen & Bar, a Georgetown Gem

We haven’t been to Georgetown in a minute, but we’re so glad we made the trip to dine with Lanna (aka @eatdrinkdc).  Located at 1310 Wisconsin Avenue NW, 1310 Kitchen & Bar is a fabulous neighborhood restaurant’s a part of The Georgetown Inn.  With chef/owner Jenn Crovato at the helm, they offer “comforting, eclectic American cuisine with healthy Mediterranean influences.”

1310 kitchen & bar burrata

To start, we recommend getting their burrata and tuna tartare.  The former’s fairly standard, but who wouldn’t want to enjoy some grilled bread and cheese.

tuna tartare

The tuna tartare was lovely as well, and it was really easy to eat since it came in bite-sized pieces.  Big ups to chef for including ginger and jalapeño in the mix because we’re suckers for spicy.

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potato crusted trout

As for entrees, there were a lot of delicious options available, but we ultimately went with their potato crusted trout and buffalo mozzarella ravioloni.  Seriously though, we need to go back for Jenn’s chicken pot pie and Peruvian chicken thighs because both sound FIRE.

The fish, cooked to flaky perfection, was served in an addicting lemon beurre blanc with brussels sprouts, golden raisins, and pecans.  It was beautifully cooked and beautifully presented.

1310 kitchen and bar ravioli

The ravioli was solid as well!  We’re big on all carbs so naturally, this was a big yes on all fronts.  We got the full portion to share because we were hungry, but you have the option to get half if you just want a little something something.

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strawberry short cake

We finished our meal with two desserts:  Nonna’s rum cake and strawberry short cake.  Although we enjoyed both, the rum cake definitely stole the show.  Served with walnuts and whipped cream, this brought our dinner to a not-TOO-sugary close.

1310 kitchen rum cake

That’s it for today’s restaurant review, BUT there’s one more thang we need to discuss.  In addition to delish food at 1310, chef offers frozen meals as well.  Her chicken pot pie’s a fan favorite, but we personally loved her zucchini lasagna and chicken enchiladas.  Head to their website to learn more, and let us know if you have any questions regarding noms.

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For more on DC eats, make sure to check out this tab, and stay tuned for more content coming your way.  Although we’re in the middle of a massive business transition, we’ll still be posting regularly so be excited!  Until next time – we hope you eat all the tings.


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