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4 Must Try Desserts in New York City

If you’re looking to indulge your sweet tooth, you guys are in for a treat…literally.  NYC is a mecca for food lovers – you can get anything you want at any time.  There’s a lot to choose from, which can be overwhelming for some.  Lucky for you guys, you have us!  So, if you find yourself in the Big Apple, here are 4 must try desserts in New York City.

1.  Sweet Corner Bakeshop’s Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies

Desserts in New York City

Located on 535 Hudson Street in West Village, Sweet Corner Bakeshop’s known for their incredible cookies.  Although they went viral for their nutella hearts, their baked goods are so much more impressive.  Their Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie is their bestseller, and it’s made with 4 different kinds of Belgian chocolate + sea salt from France to create magic in each and every bite.  We also recommend their Red Velvet Nutella Bomb, which is pictured above as well.  Note:  You can order these online and get them shipped to you if you’re not going to NYC anytime soon.

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2.  Bar Pa Tea’s Tea Latte Soft Serve

Desserts in New York City soft serve

Did anyone else know that tea ice cream was a thing?  Located on 85 Kenmare Street in Nolita, Bar Pa Tea is fairly new to the scene.  They’ve only been open for a few months, but we already know they’re here to stay.  Their drinks are delicious, but their soft serve is exceptional.  They carry two unique flavors (oolong and black tea) in addition to a swirl featuring both.  There’s only one size available, and it costs $4.75.  Add bubbles like we did for an extra 50 cents.  Other toppings include a cone, honey wheat braided twists, a mini stroopwafel and oreo cookie crumbs.

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3.  Binki Cafe’s Cotton Candy Characters

cotton candy soft serve

When your dessert is too cute to eat…seriously.   Located on 42 Eldridge Street in Chinatown, Binki Cafe is an instagrammer’s dream come true.  They’re known for their cotton candy ice cream, and they carry 11 different kinds, each priced at $7.99.  In addition to Hello Kitty, they have a Minion, a snowman, and a panda amongst more.  We recommend their vanilla soft serve, but we hear their chocolate is delicious as well.

4.  Matcha N’ More’s 24K Matcha Soft Serve

24k matcha soft serve nyc

What could possibly be better than matcha soft serve?  Matcha soft serve with 24k gold obviously.  Located on 177 Hester Street in Chinatown, Matcha N’ More is a must for green tea lovers everywhere.  They use ceremonial grade matcha from Uji, Japan so you know you’re paying for quality.  Although they have an interesting drink menu, we recommend their soft serve because it’s that good.  The 24k ice cream is $9, and you can get it on a matcha or chocolate cone.

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Alright Nomsters, that’s it for today!  We hope you enjoyed reading about must try desserts in New York City.  What did you think of our roundup?  Was there a specific dessert that caught your eye?  Definitely let us know by commenting below.  Until next time, friends!


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