6 Reasons to Visit Ala ASAP!

Located in Dupont Circle, ala is a DC gem that offers cuisine from the Levant.  Previously known as Ankara, this restaurant has a serious rep for good eats and amazing hospitality.  But just in case that’s not enough, here are 6 reasons why you need to get there stat!

1. You get 25% off their ENTIRE menu for Happy Hour!

Yes, you read that correctly.  Ala wants you to experience their menu in its entirety so their team offers 25% off everything from 2-5PM, Tuesday through Friday – designated seating areas only.  Each party has a 2-hour limit, and last call for the kitchen and bar is 4:45 so plan accordingly!

2.  One of the BEST bottomless brunches in the DC!

For $39, you get unlimited drinks, a HUGE spread of starters (portioned for however many people are at your table) and 3 additional courses of your choice, per person.  They used to offer unlimited food and drinks, but they pivoted to this 4-course prix fixe to prevent waste.  We’re all for responsible restaurants so we 200% support this move!  And you still get a ton of food anyway so you’re not missing out.

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3.  A gorgeous patio with fire pits!?!?!?

Hands down, one of the prettiest patios in DC proper.  To book your experience today, head to Resy and choose “outdoor fire pit.”  They’re available starting at 5PM, and there’s nothing better than enjoying dining and imbibing next to a blazing fire.  Are we right or are we right?

4.  They donate ALL proceeds of the Pandora to NVRDC!

How gorgeous is this cocktail though?  Made with gin, lavender and lime, all proceeds from this drink are donated to the Network for Victim Recovery DC, which “empowers victims of all crimes to achieve survivor-defined justice through free advocacy, case management and legal services.”

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5.  Ala Coffee:  Levantine pastries, pita wraps and more…

Open from 7AM-3PM Monday through Friday and from 8AM-4PM on weekends, ala Coffee is a must try!  They have everything from labneh filled croissants to delicious wraps and sandwiches, many priced under $10.  We recommend their chicken wrap ($9.90 and served with a side of za’atar fries) and their caprese cro’gel (made with feta, zhoug sauce, tomato, parsley, mint and more).  PS.  we hear if you check in on yelp, you get a free coffee!

6.  Ziyafet at Home

Head to ala Toast to learn more about their affordable to-go sets.  They offer 4 different options (ranging from $29 to $49), and each package serves 2-4 people.  We recommend their Lahm ( $39 for short ribs, hummus, labneh, sumac onions, herb salad, fennel pilaf, baklava, and pita), but their lamb chops are delicious as well.

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Alright Nomsters, we hope you enjoyed reading all about ala today!  Have you had a chance to visit them yet?  Let us know by leaving a comment below, and stay tuned for more delish content coming your way.  For more on DC eats, click here!


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