Addie’s: The Best Mussels You’ll Ever Have

The Best Restaurant in Potamac, Maryland: Addie’s

Alright Nomsters, we’re extra excited for today’s post because we’re telling you all about one of our favorite restaurants.  If you’re a fan of seafood, especially mussels, you definitely need to check out Addie’s.  We went for lunch the other day and had a fabulous time as always.  We kicked our meal off with the following starters:  their lobster bisque ($6 for a cup and $9 for a bowl), their Green Curry Mussels ($15), and their Crispy Calamari ($11).  Each appetizer slayed, and we honestly couldn’t have asked for better food.

The Best Starters at Addie’s

The bisque was delicious, and it came with chunks of lobster.  We’d totally recommend this soup, but unfortunately it’s not listed on their regular menu.  Luckily, the mussels and calamari are.

Addie's lobster bisque

We actually don’t have pics of the mussels for you guys today, but they were the highlight of our meal.  At $15, they don’t come cheap, but they’re seriously worth every penny…and then some.  We love mussels so we’ve tried our fair share, but no one beats Addie’s.  The original is tasty, but the Green Curry is everything good in life.  If you like ginger and lemongrass, it’s an absolute must, like we’re drooling just thinking about it.  It’s THAT good!

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Addie's Crispy Calamari

Now, it was our first time getting their calamari, but it sure as hell won’t be our last.  It was cooked to crispy perfection, and the mirin soy ginger sauce was to die for.  They do asian-inspired so well here.  The dish came with green onion and fresno chili, and we were all about that life.  The chili gave it a nice kick, which we loved!  If you’re not big on spice, don’t worry, it’s super subtle.  Other apps that we didn’t get but sounded amazing were as follows *drum roll, please*…

  • Tempura Maitake Mushrooms ($12): orzo, roasted baby carrot, arugula, eggplant puree, almonds, and shallot vinaigrette (vegan)
  • Proscuitto Wrapped Mozzarella ($12):  served with house focaccia and drizzled with oven dried tomato vinaigrette
  • Trio of Mason Jars ($13):  chicken liver mousse, duck rillette, shrimp pimento served with toasted country loaf.

Addie's appetizer

What to Order for Entrees at Addie’s

For entrees, we ordered the following and shared because sharing is caring:  the Slow Roasted Half Chicken ($27), the Pan Seared Ocean City Scallops ($21), and their Roasted Elysian Fields Lamb Shawarma ($18).  So, let’s just go in order!  The chicken was served with butter braised french beans, Nora Mills cayenne grits, crispy onions and chicken jus.  The onions aren’t pictured here because they came out a bit later, but we would’ve been happy with or without them.  For the record though, they were really good.  The meat was as tender as can be, and it tasted heavenly with the accompanying jus, but honestly, we would’ve been happy to just eat a bowl of their grits – super buttery and flavorful.

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addie's lunch entree chicken

Moving onto entree no. 2: the scallops.  These babies were ginormous, and they were melt-in-your mouth good.  They came with sweet corn risotto and had summer squash, spinach, smoked tomato and basil pesto.  If you like basil, you’ll love this dish.  It wasn’t our favorite of the bunch, but we’re biased since we’re not big on pesto.  A good deal at $21 though!

addie's scallops

And last but not least, their lamb shawarma, served with pickled veggies, harissa aioli, feta, arugula and hummus, accompanied by herb cous cous.  This was solid, but we probably wouldn’t get this again because it was a bit too saucy for us, and we felt like the flavor of the lamb was overpowered.  It was also difficult to eat because the filling kept falling out.  With that said, don’t let that discourage you from trying it yourself because you may love this entree!  If you decide to try this dish, definitely let us know what you think by leaving us a comment.

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addie's lamb sandwich

The Best Dessert at Addie’s

No meal would be complete without dessert so of course we indulged.  There were so many amazing choices listed on the menu, but we decided to try the Blackberry Cheesecake ($12) – this beautiful dessert was served with mint meringues, blackberry compote, graham crackers, lemon curd, and vanilla mint froyo.  The presentation was stunning, but we still prefer their ricotta beignets.  If you haven’t tried them yet, you are seriously missing out.  They come out piping hot with a trio of sauces, each one more delicious than the next.

addie's desserts

So, conclusion:  go to Addie’s immediately and get an order of their Green Curry Mussels and Crispy Calamari to start.  Then go wild, but remember to end with their beignets!  Located on 12435 Park Potomac Avenue in Potamac, MD, they’re open every day of the week – click here for hours.  There’s ample parking available (a lot + plenty of street parking) so that’s a serious plus.  Alright, that’s it for today, friends.  We hope you enjoyed our latest post!  To browse more MD foodporn, click here.


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