Agora: Delicious Mediterranean Cuisine in DC

It’s been a minute since I last visited Agora DC so I’m pumped to tell you more about their lunch menu today.  There are a ton of amazing dinner options in DC, but lunch is a bit more difficult!  Agora has a great lineup though so definitely make sure to add them to your list.

agora mixed mushrooms

They have an expansive covered patio, but their interior’s newly renovated for those who’d like to dine indoors.  As for food options, there’s a lot to choose from.  Their portions are SO much bigger than they were so keep that in mind when ordering.  I went with a friend, and we got way too much for the two of us.  It was actually borderline startling how much food we got, lol.

agora labneh

You can’t skip spreads ($8-9 a pop) so get at least one for the table or maybe even their sampler if you’re with a group.  I’m a sucker for labneh so that’s my dip of choice, but they do a mean hummus and baba ghanouj as well. Everything’s served with freshly baked pita, and it’s usually piping hot, which is a big win in my book.

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agora cauliflower

We skipped their cold mezze, soups and salads and went straight for the hot mezze and entrees.  So, here’s everything we got…and note, they have a lot of gluten free, nut free, vegan and dairy free options so there’s really something for everyone.

  • Cauliflower ($12):  tahini, sumac, raisins
  • Mixed Mushrooms ($12):  cauliflower & potato mash, truffle oil
  • Branzino ($16): grilled Mediterranean sea bass, lemon
  • Grilled Kalamar ($15):  grilled squid marinated in garlic, maras pepper, gremolata
  • Lamb Chops ($20):  salt and pepper marinade, broccolini
  • Harissa ($1):  red peppers, cumin, acuka

I remember LOVING their octopus, but they were sold out so that means I need to go back ASAP.  Everything was solid so it’s hard to pick favorites, but I especially loved their mixed mushrooms, lamb chops and grilled squid.  They used like 6 different mushrooms for the medley, and the flavors were really on point.  This made for the ultimate “side,” and I’d 200% get this again.

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The lamb could’ve been a little more tender, but it had this beautiful smokiness to it that I loved.  Portions were also huge so that was a plus for sure, and it came on a big bed of broccolini.  Definitely make sure to either get a side of toum or harissa for this!  It’ll enhance your meal tenfold, and it’s only an extra buck or two!

agora lamb chops

And last but not least, the grilled kalamar!  This dish might’ve been the most flavorful dish of the bunch so it’s a must try if you’re a fan of squid.  The texture was a little on the chewy side, but I still really enjoyed it overall.

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We were stuffed so we didn’t have space for dessert, but let me know if you have recommendations by commenting below!  PS.  for those of you looking to indulge on a weekend, they offer a fantastic bottomless brunch so make sure to give ’em a try.

Alright Nomsters, that’s a wrap for today!  I hope you enjoyed reading all about Agora.  For more on DC eats, make sure tocheck out this tab and give @nomtasticdc a follow on instagram.  Until next time, friends!  I hope you eat all the yum things.


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