Agora Tyson’s To-go Dinner Experience for Two

For those of you looking for an awesome to-go experience in the DMV area, you’re gonna want to bookmark this post.  We recently had the pleasure of trying Agora’s new dinner experience for two, and the food was fantastic.  They have four options available:

  • Fish of the day ($55):  marinated in olive oil and fresh herbs and served with seasonal vegetables.
  • Rack of lamb ($60):  coated in Turkish spices and served with Ottoman rice and a side of harissa.
  • Mediterranean whole chicken ($45):  marinaded in a rosemary-thyme-olive oil and served with rice and toum.
  • Tandir kebab ($60):  three-hour slow cooked lamb shoulder that’s served with Ottoman rice and harissa.

It was definitely difficult to choose between the four, but we were craving chicken so we decided to give that a go.  Turns out, we made a bomb decision because it was absolutely scrumptious.

Agora Tyson’s Mediterranean Whole Chicken

Agora Tyson roasted chicken

Think perfectly cooked chicken that’s juicy as can be, exploding with flavor from its herb marinade.  The accompanying rice was the perfect side, filled with chunks of black currants, aprictos, almonds, pine nuts, and fried shallots – we just wish there was more.

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Enjoy it with their toum for max flavor!  For those of you unfamiliar with this sauce, it looks like a creamy dip of sorts, and it’s garlicky.  Think of it as a garlic-yogurt whip that goes with anything and everything.

Other Must Try Dishes at Agora Tysons

Although that was more than enough food for the both of us, we decided to get other plates as well because we drove an hour out to grab food.  They’re known for their incredible spreads, but we decided to pass and get the following:  their mixed marinated olives ($6), their mixed mushrooms ($12), their beet carpaccio ($9), their scallops ($16), and their manti ($15).

Agora Tyson olives

We had a top notch experience with all their dishes, and we were thrilled that everything traveled so well.  For $6, their olives were a great value.  They gave us a big container that was packed so we had quite a bit left over.  Martinis anyone?

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Agora Tyson mushrooms

The mushrooms were really well seasoned, and they came with a small side of cauliflower and potato mash, which was a nice surprise.  We love shrooms so this totally hit the spot for us, and they went complemented the roast chicken beautifully.

Agora Tyson beet salad

Their beet carpaccio was citrus heavy, which we personally enjoyed.  They gave us a fairly large portion for $9, and it came with orange wedges, walnuts and halved olives on a bed of fresh greens.  We highly recommend this as an appetizer if you’re looking to kick your meal off with salad.

And last but not least, their scallops and manti.  The former came with mushrooms, hydro sorrel and a delicious saron yogurt dipping sauce, while the latter was served with garlic yogurt, spicy oil and mint (all packaged separately).  We must sound like a broken record by now, but both were nomtastic.

Agora Tyson scallops

The scallops had a great texture to them, even after sitting in the car for an hour, and the manti (aka mini beef dumplings) was dangerously addictive.  The wrappers were cooked perfectly al dente, and they had so much flavor for such small morsels of deliciousness.  We honestly loved everything we ordered so you can’t go wrong with any of the aforementioned dishes.

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Agora Tyson manti

To further sweeten the pot, they include several pieces of their homemade pita bread free of charge.  And for those of you with dietary restrictions, they have a lot of options available that are gluten, dairy and nut free so definitely make sure to take a look.  In addition to their location at Tysons, they also have a restaurant in DC with the same menu so you can hit them up instead if they’re closer to you.

Alright Nomsters, that’s all for today.  What looked yummiest to you?  Let us know by leaving a comment, and make sure to browse this tab for more yum VA eats.  We’re updating daily now so check back soon for fresh new content.  Life’s short – eat all the things!


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