Alexander’s Steakhouse: So Much More Than Just Steak

We recently had the amazing opportunity to attend a tasting at Alexander’s Steakhouse, which is an institution in San Francisco and has been around for about seven years. They specialize in fusing traditional steakhouse offerings with Japanese flavors and influences. Sometimes fusion makes us a little nervous, but we were pleasantly surprised with all the dishes we tried – everything looked AND tasted bomb! But it didn’t just stop at food. Alexander’s Steakhouse has a bunch of unbelievable, unique, and delicious cocktails that will blow you away. Want to see what you’re missing in your life? Keep scrolling down!

Alexander's Steakhouse interior

Alexander's Steakhouse Food Table

When we first got there, we walked in the front door and headed down the stairs in front of us into their private events area. The vibe was classy, modern, and hip all at the same time, and it’s definitely the kind of place we’d love to grab a drink and chillax in.

Alexander's Steakhouse Roasted Pineapple cocktail

Speaking of drinks, let’s start there since they were crazy awesome. To preface this, the head bartender at Alexander’s Steakhouse personally crafted their specialty cocktails and they’re beyond flavorful! The unique combinations of ingredients keep the drinks exciting (and nomtastic) until the last drop, and you’ll definitely want to sip on these and savor the experience.

First up was a cocktail they call the Roasted Pineapple, which is a perfect mix of Panamanian Rum, roasted pineapple, fresh lime juice, serrano pepper, rosemary, and Overproof Rum Float. One thing all the drinks we tried had in common was they were super refreshing and light, and the Roasted Pineapple was the epitome of that. The citrus notes kept it light, and the rosemary and pepper added a subtle earthiness that really rounded things out for us. Two thumbs up!

Alexander's Steakhouse cherry red rhubarb collins cocktail 1

Alexander's Steakhouse cherry red rhubarb collins cocktail 2

The next cocktail we tried was the Cherry Red Rhubarb Collins. We honestly didn’t catch the exact ingredients in this one, so don’t quote us on this! But it tasted to us like it was made with sparkling water, gin, rhubarb, and maybe some subtle citrus notes. Either way, we thought this was the most beautiful cocktail we had seen in a long time, and we loved how refreshing it was. Can you say, “seconds, please”?

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Alexander's Steakhouse cucumber cocktail

The last cocktail we tried we actually also missed the name of since it was handed to us by a server who was moving quickly to pick up more glasses to continue handing them out. Let us actually take a second to mention that the service was awesome and every server we talked to was polite, friendly, inviting, and professional. Alexander’s Steakhouse sure knows how to staff their restaurant!

But back to the cocktail! We also have to kind of guess on this one, but this tasted like a mixture of cucumber and champagne or possibly sparkling white wine. If you’re a fan of fruit and vegetable infused drinks, this is the one for you. It was refreshing in a different way and less sweet than the others, so that was also a nice change of pace.

Alexander's Steakhouse ash old fashioned cocktail

The last of our cocktail adventures at Alexander’s Steakhouse was actually a mixology lesson! The head bartender took us over to the bar and showed us how to make one of their famous drinks, the Ash Old Fashioned. It included whiskey, orange juice, grenadine, and bitters that we measured out in a little measuring cup and poured into a large glass mug. We then filled that glass with ice and stirred everything for about a minute (to allow about an ounce of the ice water to melt and mix with the other ingredients. Finally, we poured the finished drink through a strainer and funnel into a little bottle to take home with us. It was so much fun to actually MAKE a cocktail and to be able to take it home to show and share with our family! Made us feel like bonafide mixologists (even though we’re far from it)! An Old Fashioned is a classic cocktail, and Alexander’s Steakhouse’s take on it really took it to another level with the subtle fruity sweetness added to it. If whiskey or bourbon is your usual drink of choice, you need to try this!

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Alexander's Steakhouse cheese board

Now for the food! We had the amazing chance to try some of the small bites and samples of a few dishes served at Alexander’s Steakhouse. Long story short, everything was SO bomb! We started off with a Cheese Board full of all kinds of cheese and crackers. Call us basic, but we can never get enough brie, so we had our fair share right when we saw it there. But they also had cow and goat cheeses from across the US and even Holland!

Alexander's Steakhouse chilled foie gras 1

Alexander's Steakhouse chilled foie gras 2

Next to come out was the Chilled Foie Gras, which was incredible. It was creamy and just the right density, and then adding in the piece on top for a bit of crunch provided some texture to the bite. There’s just something so satisfying about biting into something crunchy, right? The foie gras consisted of Kaffir Lim Oleo-Saccharum, Coconut, Earl Gray Tea, and Aromatic Herbs.

Alexander's Steakhouse lamb lollipop 1
Alexander's Steakhouse lamb lollipop 2

To some people, gamey meat is too much of an acquired taste, but we just say that means there’s more for us! Alexander’s Steakhouse’s Lamb Lollipops were perfectly cooked with some pink in the middle, and prepared with Chili Mint and Cilantro. If we didn’t have to share we could have cleaned house on these in a matter of minutes!

Alexander's Steakhouse wagyu bites

More so than gamey meats, super rare or raw beef is often another acquired taste and is sometimes a little scary to people, but when you have top quality Wagyu and prepare it the right way, it’s totally safe and ridiculously bomb. Alexander’s Steakhouse gets their premium Wagyu straight from nine different prefectures in Japan, as well as from farms in Australia and domestic US farms, too, so you know it’s the good stuff. These Wagyu Bites were served with Marinated Mushrooms and smoked soy, and each one was a complete flavor explosion in our mouths.

Alexander's Steakhouse caviar and duck egg chawanmushi

Alexander's Steakhouse Hamachi Shots

One of the last dishes we tried was the Caviar (above left), and can we just take a second to look at that presentation and plating? Attention to detail was another theme we noticed across all the small bites we got to sample and this one straight up looked like a work of art. Each bite was served in an egg shell with Duck Egg Chawanmushi (Japanese style savory egg custard), Caviar, and Potato Foam. If you enjoy fishy tastes like we do, you need to try this one! The chawanmushi melted in our mouths and fish eggs like caviar are always fun to bite into for the popping sensation.

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Lastly, we ended the evening with their Hamachi Shots, and wow! We were super impressed with these. They consisted of Hamachi, Avocado, Yuzu Soy, and Cilantro, and you basically just knocked it back like a shot. Hamachi is one of our favorite fishes for sashimi, and the additional flavors blended together and complemented each other in such an awesome way.

Alexander’s Steakhouse: Final Thoughts

We absolutely loved our experience at Alexander’s Steakhouse in SF, and the way they fuse Japanese flavors with a more traditional American steakhouse vibe is such a cool concept. If you’re looking for an incredible date night spot, a venue for a private or corporate event, or anything in between, we would highly recommend checking this place out, and we truly believe you won’t be disappointed. Till next time, Nomsters!


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