3 Chinese Restaurants in SF by the Chef Who Has Served Presidents

You may not have heard of Chef Han, but if you’ve been in SF for any amount of time, chances are you’ve heard of at least one of his restaurants. Z & Y Restaurant, Chili House, and Z & Y Bistro are 3 amazing Chinese restaurants in SF with traditional and innovative dishes that are bursting with spicy deliciousness. There’s no way we can cover everything, but we’ve given our thoughts on our experiences with them below and linked to full blog posts on each restaurant so you can go deeper if you’d like. Let’s get to it!

Z & Y Restaurant

Located at 655 Jackson St, Z & Y Restaurant was the first of the three restaurants opened and is definitely the most well known. They’ve served everyone from former President Obama to several Foreign Ministers of China. It’s no surprise that it’s been so popular given how much flavor they cram into every dish, and They’ve been recognized as a 2020 Bib Gourmand restaurant, so we know it’s not just talk!

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Read all about Z & Y Restaurant in our full blog post here!

Chili House

Chili House is their second location in the Richmond District serving a somewhat different menu, but not sacrificing at all on quality. Their claim to fame is their incredible Peking duck that is the kind of stuff you dream about. You get to watch them cut the slices right in front of you, and holy cow, you need to taste this stuff to believe it. Chili House and their dishes feel a bit more modern to us, whereas Z & Y is definitely more traditional, so both are worth a try.

For more on Chili House, read our blog post about their Flaming Fire Fish!

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Z & Y Bistro

Z & Y Bistro is their newest addition, and it’s much more of a modern Asian fusion spot modeled after izakayas and has more of a lounge feel. They have a bar to go along with a menu full of large shared dishes and tasty small plates including a full list of yakitori. If you’re in the mood for a casual drop in spot with your friends, this is definitely your choice! Plus, Z & Y Restaurant is literally right across the street, so you can always head over for a full on feast.

Read all about Z & Y Bistro in our full blog post on them here!

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