Ambar: Balkan Tapas That’ll Blow Your Mind

We’ve never had Balkan food before, but now that we have it’s kind of a problem because it’s all we want.  Ambar Clarendon totally blew us away.  We brunched there last Sunday with DC Nomster and loved every single freaking bite.  We literally have nothing but praise for them.  The space was stunning, the service was impeccable, the food was de-freaking-licious, and everything was plated so beautifully.  They have a bomb AYCE option (unlimited small plates for $35) so we’ll definitely be back soon to take advantage.

Ambar tapas

We got 5 different things to share along with 2 cocktails.  We remember all of their dishes, BUT we totally forgot what these drinks were called.  THEY WERE GOOD THOUGH! Ha.  Yes, we needed to write that all in caps because we’re ashamed of our temporary amnesia.  In all seriousness, they had an impressive drink selection, and we have no doubt you’ll enjoy whatever it is you end up ordering.

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Ambar arlington

Dish no. 1 was Tzatziki with Roasted Beets ($8).  Made with yogurt, roasted beets and garlic, the color was striking to say the least.  It came with THE most delicious bread ever (super chewy in the best way possible) so it was a home run on all fronts.  Adding beet was a really great call so we highly recommend it!

Ambar all you can eat

Heavenly bread with heavenly spread, and yes, we know that rhymes…

all you can eat tapas in arlington

Then came their stuffed sour cabbage served on top of mashed taters.  These babies were filled with pork belly, rice and then drizzled with yogurt sauce.  All the flavors were balanced beautifully, and it was seasoned to perfection.  On a random note, can we take a second to admire the presentation of this dish?  It’s almost too beautiful to eat.

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best all you can eat brunch

Plates 3 and 4 were our FAVORITES:  their brussels sprouts and their lamb skewer.  The former came with lemon & garlic yogurt and was topped with copious amounts of bacon, while the latter was served with herb sour cream and pomegranate juice.  How does yogurt go so well with everything?  We were literally mmm-ing and ahhh-ing for a good 5 minutes.

best AYCE brunches in the dmv

The sprouts had great texture, which was only amplified by the crispiness of the bacon and the creaminess of the yogurt.  Talk about flavor explosion – these babies will blow your mind.  And talk about blowing your mind, the lamb was the bomb.com.  The meat itself was really tasty, but the pomegranate juice took thangs to a whole ‘nother level.

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Ambar balkan food

And last but not least, this gorgeous plate of charcuterie ft. beef and lamb prosciuttos, two different cheeses (one was feta, and the other one was…magical cheese that we can’t remember…ha), pickled veggies, and chicharon.  This was actually our first time trying beef and lamb prosciutto.  Although we like “regular prosciutto” better, this was pretty good.  If you get the AYCE option (definitely get the AYCE option), try it for yourself and let us know what you prefer in the comment section below.

Ambar balkan style tapas

So, what did you guys think of our write-up of Ambar?  What are you guys dying to try there?  For more VA foodporn, check out THIS tab.


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  1. March 24, 2018 / 9:33 pm

    Literally drooling over everything

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