Anju’s New Brunch Menu: Must Try Dishes

Praise be, Nomsters.  Anju is now open on weekends for brunch, and their new menu is straight fire.  They’re currently offering two seatings, one at 11AM and 1 at PM, but tables are limited so you want to make sure you secure your reservations for patio dining stat.

On top of pastries and cocktails from their previous O Bread popup, they’re offering bomb new dishes that will high key blow your mind.  Some of our personal favorites include their spicy chicken sandwich, their goguma french toast and their breakfast juk.

What to Order Off Of Anju’s New Brunch Menu

Anju’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich

It’s a well known fact that Anju has some of the best fried chicken in the city.  Walk in with sky high expectations because this sammie’s next level.  Just make sure you can handle heat because they marinate this in buldak sauce.  “Buldak” translates to “fire chicken,” and the name’s fitting because it’s pretty damn spicy.  If the word sounds familiar, it’s probably because you heard it during the nuclear noodle challenge a while back – click here to see what we’re referencing.

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anju new brunch menu

It’s definitely not as spicy as the ramen version, but you’ll probably want to have a glass of water or milk handy anyway.  It’s served with a pickled radish slaw and furikake on O Bread toast, and we’re more than confident that it’ll be love at first bite.  If you want something a little less spicy but equally delicious, get their breakfast sandwich instead.

anju breakfast sandwich

They’re both priced at $10, but this features a rolled omelette (otherwise known as gaeran mari in Korean) that contains spam and an assortment of chopped veggies.  It’s then topped with melted cheddar and succulent pieces of maple pork belly.  And yes, it’s as good as it sounds.

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Anju’s Goguma French Toast

Words can’t even begin to express the deliciousness of this dish.  It’s hard to pick favorites, but if we absolutely had to, this goguma french toast would reign supreme.  Stuffed with a sweet potato and cream cheese filling, it’s served with a side of syrup and marshmallow fluff.

anju stuffed french toast

For those of you who think this will be too sweet, don’t let its appearance or description fool you.  Yes, it’s decadent, but not overwhelmingly so.  Trust us when we say this is going to be the best french toast you’ll ever have – just remember to come back and thank us for the recommendation because you’re gonna want to go back for seconds.

Anju’s Breakfast Juk

anju breakfast juk

Think of this dish as Korean shrimp and grits.  It’s made with anson mills carolina rice porridge and served with wok-fired shrimp, scallions, corn, and an egg.  It’s easily some of the yummiest shrimp we’ve ever had, fried to crispy perfection and served with nom sides that gave us all the textures in one bite.  Dip these morsels of deliciousness in your sunny side up egg for yolk porn so sexy you’ll need a disclaimer.

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Alright Nomsters, we hope you enjoyed reading all about Anju’s new brunch menu.  If you want to join them for the best meal you’ll have all weekend, make sure you reserve your spot stat.  For those of you looking to enjoy their noms in the comfort of your home, place an order for contactless pickup here.

We update Nomtastic Foods Monday-Thursday and Saturday so make sure you check back soon for fresh new content, and for more restaurant recommendations in DC, browse this tab.  Until next time, friends!  Eat all of the things.


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