Anju x O Bread Brunch Popup

Nomsters, if you missed Anju’s O Bread popup last Sunday, I’m so sorry.  Lucky for you though, they’re hosting another one this weekend so you’re gonna want to get your preorders in stat.

o bread annandale

O Bread’s a Korean bakery located in Annandale, VA…along with, let’s be real, most of the other good Korean food in the DMV area.  The “o” stands for organic, and they’re known for their pastries – think walnut red bean cookies, choco pie, rolls cakes and more.

o bread walnut red bean cookies

So why exactly should you be excited about this popup?  DC proper doesn’t have a Korean bakery of its own (yet) so this is the perfect way to try all the noms.  Maybe you’ve heard of Paris Baguette, Shilla Bakery, and other chains that carry similar treats?  Well, they don’t hold a candle next to O Bread.  This small, local business is owned by a lovely Korean couple, and the taste and quality are second to none.

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o bread choco bread

Unsure what to get?  I gotchu.  My personal favorites were the following:  their honey brioche ($10), their green tea soboro ($5), and their milk cream bread ($6) so I recommend getting at least one of each!  The honey brioche and milk cream bread are self explanatory – literally brioche bread with honey and milk bread with a beautiful cream stuffed inside (see pictures below).

o bread milk cream breado bread honey brioche bread

The only “bread” that requires more info is probably the green tea soboro.  Their version’s a little bougier than the traditional soboro I usually get, but if you love green tea as much as I do, you’ll definitely want to give this baby a try.

o bread green tea soboro

The bread’s super soft, and it’s coated with an incredible peanut streusel that’s super addicting.  I usually get it plain because the streusel’s sweet enough as is, but their take was surprisingly well balanced.  I say surprisingly because I assumed it’d be way too sweet, but the green tea cream is subtle and light, and it complements the streusel beautifully, resulting in the perfect bite.

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anju breakfast sandwich

On top of delish desserts, chef Angel Barreto’s offering 3 different brunch sandwiches.  I didn’t get to try the egg salad or the mushroom, but the Anju breakfast sandwich is straight magic.  Think maple samgyeopsal (aka pork belly) served with spam gyeran-mari, cheddar cheese and mayo on O Bread milk toast.

anju breakfast sandwiches

Gyeran-mari’s a very popular Korean dish that means “egg roll.”  And on top of spam, it contains various veggies, and it looks and tastes like a rolled omelette of sorts.  It may not sound particularly exciting, but there’s something seriously special about the texture, and it’ll bring your tummy all the joy.

o bread anju popup

Brunch wouldn’t be complete without booze which is why Anju’s beverage director Phil Anova is offering 3 special cocktails for the occasion: a strawberry and lychee lemonade (pureed fresh strawberry and lychee with fresh lemon juice), a melon lime cooler (fresh juiced honeydew with ginger infused lime juice), and a saam jang bloody mary (tomato juice, saam jang, fresh horseradish and soy sauce).  All of the aforementioned drinks can be made with or without alcohol so go with whatever your hearts desire, my friends.

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o bread pastries

As if the food wasn’t incentive enough, they’re also donating a portion of proceeds to the NAACP’s Legal Defense Fund so eat for a great cause.  To indulge, head to Anju’s takeout section and set the date to Sunday.  Pick a time between 12-3PM and order away!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to shoot me a message.  And for more on delish DC noms, make sure to check out this tab and stay tuned for more yum content coming your way.  We recently started updating WAY more so we’ll be posting new stuffs Monday- Thursday and Saturday.  Until next time, happy eating!


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