Art and Soul: A Hidden Gem You Need to Experience

Located inside Yotel DC, Art and Soul is truly a hidden gem.  Although I had heard good things about their restaurant, I wasn’t really expecting food of this caliber.  I ended up having a crazy delicious meal, and I was confused to as why this place wasn’t packed on a Friday evening.  They’re located in the heart of Cap Hill, and they’re open for brunch, lunch and dinner.

tuna crudo art and soul

I started my meal off with their tuna crudo, and it came with avocado mousse, herb oil, crispy shallots, and buttermilk horseradish.  There were a lot of dope options available for apps though – next time, I’d love to try their butternut squash agnolotti and their clam chowder.  Before we transition into mains though, I want to talk a bit about their presentation.

The name Art and Soul is so fitting because everything here strikingly beautiful.  I was high key blown away by their presentation of, well, everything.  Whether it’s a cocktail or dessert, you’ll want to document it all.  Like how pretty is this garnish?  And the drink was tasty, too.  It’s called “The Fallen,” and it’s made with sloe gin, infused apple brandy, lemon, grenadine and egg white.

scallop art and soul

Their main courses were probably my favorite, but dessert was a close second for sure.  I got their scallops and duck, and both were truly phenomenal.  The former came with tri-color cauliflower, squash curry puree, chili oil and crispy shallots, while the latter was served with root vegetables gratin, pickled raisins and pomegranate molasses.  Truly amazing.  I nearly finished both entrees by myself, sorry not sorry.

The scallops were seared to perfection, and the chili oil was such a nice touch.  I ended up mixing the curry puree and chili oil together, and it was so flavorful.

The duck was cooked well, too.  Think uber tender, and the accompanying gratin was out of this world.  I couldn’t get enough of it, and it was the perfect side for this particular dish.  It was just so hearty and comforting.  Big, big, fan.

You’d think I’d be stuffed at this point but nah.  I was lucky enough to try their special Valentine’s Day dessert, and it was glorious.  Cinnamon doughnuts served with horchata ice cream, chocolate sauce and gold leaf.  Unreal.  Apparently, this dessert will be making its way onto their dinner menu so you’ll be able to enjoy it on the regular.  Chef came out and told me, “these are the best donuts you’ll ever have,” and I remember thinking, “hm, really?”

churro donuts

Yeah, quite possibly, lol.  The ice cream was ridiculous, too.  So, if you’re looking to try someplace new with instagram worthy food that’s obscenely tasty, you need to make a trip to Art and Soul. The team there’s really nice, and the service was impeccable so it’s truly a win-win.

Parking in that area can be kind of a bitch, but there’s a parking garage attached, and they validate your ticket so the rate’s $14 for 2 hours.  They also have a big outdoor dining area so that’s an option as well!  Let me know what you thought of my latest post by leaving a comment below, and stay tuned for more content coming your way.  Until next time, friends!


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