Atulya Bharat: North Indian Hidden Gem in San Jose

Atulya Bharat is truly a hidden gem in San Jose, CA. Located in the parking lot of a gas station on S De Anza Blvd., you wouldn’t expect to find an incredible food truck providing quality, health-conscious, flavorful North Indian comfort food. They make it a point to keep their recipes simple and delicious – this means no unnecessary flavor enhancers, unhealthy oils, etc. so you really just get natural food that is pretty darn mind-blowing.

Handi Chicken Combo

I’ll just start off with my favorite dish of the evening, which was the Handi Chicken Combo! It’s a popular Indian chicken style where you use a clay pot called a Handi. It consists of large chicken pieces marinated in a blend of Indian spices, yogurt and ginger garlic paste. The marinated chicken is then cooked in ghee, whole spices, tomato, and cashew nut paste, and Garnished with fresh cream. These chicken pieces are bone-in, so just be careful, and don’t eat this dish like I photographed above. But it’s so tender that the chicken literally falls off the bone, and the flavor is rich with spices, but not overly spicy.

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If you get the combo, it comes with rice and two pieces of roti, which was definitely enough to fill me up!

Desi Sliders

The Desi Sliders from Atulya Bharat were also a solid choice, however it’s a lot of carbs, so if you’re more of a meat or veggies person, you might want to order something else. It’s basically a samosa made with potatoes and peas served in a Hawaiian bun with mint and tamarind sauce on the side. The flavors were actually quite good, especially when you combine the sauces, but it was a lot of potato and bread in each bite.

Rajma Rice Combo

Lastly we tried Atulya Bharat’s Rajma Rice Combo, which was awesome! It’s made with kidney beans cooked with onions, tomatoes, and G&G & garam masala, then served with rice & accompaniments. It’s full of flavor, and not even the slightest bit oily, which is a testament to their goal of using clean ingredients.

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If you’re in the mood for some tasty North Indian cuisine in the South Bay, don’t miss this hole-in-the-wall… or rather food-truck-in-the-gas-station!

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