B Too DC’s Finally Serving Breakfast

Nomsters, we are SO pumped that B Too’s finally serving breakfast.  Now you can get your doffle fix from 7:11-11:07 every morning, Monday through Friday.  When we found out we could get brekkie on the go, we drove down to DC pretty much immediately.  For those of you unfamiliar with B Too, they’re a Belgian restaurant located on 1324 14th Street NW.  Their space was designed by two DC giants (Ziad Elias Demian and Natascha Folens) so you’ll undoubtedly be impressed with their interior.  Enough of that though, we’re excited and we want to talk food.

b too chocolate pastries

What To Order For Breakfast at B Too

So, here’s what we got to share:  scrambled eggs with “W” (eggs served on top of a Brussels waffle with two strips of bacon for a small upcharge), a doffle sandbich (a doffle with egg, pork sausage, and a drizzle of caramel sauce), avocado on waffle toast (crushed avo, pickles, and fresh herbs on waffle whole wheat toast), and two Belgian stuffed chocolate croissants.

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Nomsters, we can’t even begin to tell you how good our breakfast was, like we’re not playin’.  The chocolate croissants were so buttery, so flaky, so everything.  When we tore them open, we were disappointed there wasn’t more chocolate, but when we tasted them?  The chocolate to pastry ratio was perfection.  They’re $3.19 a pop and worth every penny!  Make sure you get 1 for your meal and 1 to go for a delish pick-me-up during the day.  The scrambled eggs with “W” was good, but we honestly liked the avo toast so much more.

b too waffles

I mean, just look at this deliciousness!  First of all, waffle whole wheat toast? That’s freaking brilliant.  There was just something about this combination that blew our minds.  It was almost too beautiful to eat, but we were totally ok with crushing it after taking our first bite.

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Some of the Best Avo Toast We’ve Ever Had

We’ve never actually had pickles on avocado toast before, but now that’s all we want in life.  The sourness of the pickle contrasted beautifully with the creaminess of the avocado, and the herbs added a quality of freshness that really elevated the toast’s flavor profile.  You can add a poached or scrambled egg on top for an extra $1.50, but we think it’s perfectly fine as is.  The yolk action WOULD be pretty sexy for instagram though.

b too avocado toast

Why B Too Epitomizes Foodporn

Nomsters, meet the doffle sandbich ($7.87).  If it’s splurge day, and you’re ok with indulging hardcore for breakfast, give this a try.  We thought it was a bit too heavy – we prefer something a little less decadent for breakfast – but we have no doubt many of you will go gaga over this.  If you decide to get it, definitely let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below.

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b too doffle sandwich

And that’s a wrap for today, friends.  We hope you enjoyed reading all about B Too’s new breakfast menu because we sure as hell enjoyed eating everything.  There are still a handful of other dishes we want to try so we’ll be back soon – maybe we’ll see you there? Ha.  Seriously though, we’ll probably see you there.  For more on DC’s bamf food scene, click here.


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