Baba: The Sexiest Restaurant in Arlington

Last week, we told you guys all about Ambar – no worries if you missed our review, just click here.  Well, today we’re featuring their equally incredible sister restaurant, Baba.  Located underneath Ambar Clarendon, the food + drink was JUST as good.  The vibe was totally different though!  The atmosphere was pretty sexy so if you’re looking to impress on date night, give this place a go.  Now, if you’re wondering why our shots are so bright, it’s because we took our food from Baba to Ambar.  We wanted to get solid pics so we quickly photographed these upstairs before getting our nom on.

Baba arlington

We got 5 plates and 2 cocktails to share between the two of us.  Pictured above:  their prosciutto croquettes – fried to crispy perfection and served with horseradish sauce & mustard dressing.  The gorgeous plate below:  their salmon tartare smeared on compressed rye.  You’re probably wondering why they’re so red, haha.  Well, it’s because they’re marinated with beets in addition to capers, quinoa, and pine nuts.  Isn’t the color contrast stunning? Especially when presented on the old-school blue plate.  Their presentation was impeccable, and everything tasted just as good as it looked.

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Then came the wild forest mushrooms.  We LOVE mushroom everything so when we saw this baby listed, we knew we had to get it.  It was a medley of four different kinds (crimini, oyster, shiitake, and button), and we savored each and every bite.  Marinated with onion, thyme, kajmak, and served on top of compressed rye bread.

Baba veggie dishes

Now onto our fave dish *drum roll, please*… their scallops.  Holy crap, Nomsters, these were SO ridiculously good.  Served with bacon nory infused kajmak and topped with crispy sweet potato shavings.  All the flavors were on point, and the scallops were seared so beautifully.  We could’ve easily downed another plate (or three).  If you go, definitely get an order of these to share because they are phenomenal!

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Baba scallops

And last but not least, their crispy shrimp with ginger lemon aioli.  Honestly, you can’t go wrong with anything fried here.  Actually, let’s revise that, you can’t go wrong with anything you get here, but the fried stuff is ALL on point.  We had clear favorites (the scallops & mushrooms), but everything was tasty, and we’re definitely planning another trip here soon!  Hit them up during happy hour for great deals – dishes marked with an asterisk are $5 a pop (!!!!)

Baba tapasBaba happy hour

Select cocktails are $6 and you can get house red, white, sparking wine and Heineken beers for $5.  Happy hour’s from 4-7 PM, Monday through Friday so make sure you take advantage.  The drank pictured below was our favorite, and it was called the GTF –  made with cucumber infused gin, elderflower tonic, rose water, citrus essence, and edible flower petals.  And again, presentation goals for real.  The tray actually came with the cocktail above, but we thought it looked nice with this as well so we perched it on top, haha.

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Baba cocktails

Anywho, that’s it for today, Nomsters! We hope you enjoyed our latest review – for more foodporn in VA, click here.  FYI, Baba’s located on 2901 Wilson Blvd in Arlington.  Their bar’s open until 2AM on Fridays and Saturdays so go wild – just let us know how much you enjoyed it afterwards!  ‘Til next time, frands.


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