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The Baked Bear: Heavenly Ice Cream Sandwiches

Best Ice Cream in San Francisco - The Baked Bear

We love cold, creamy, decadent ice cream. We’d never say no to a rich, gooey brownie, and we can also never eat too many warm, soft, flavorful cookies. So what happens when you combine all of those desserts together? You get a very, very happy Nomster. The Baked Bear, located at 303 Columbus Avenue in San Francisco, CA, makes ice cream sandwiches and other ice cream/cookie combinations that will blow your mind. There will always be a time and place for It’s Its and traditional ice cream sandwiches, but when you’re ready to step your game up, The Baked Bear is where you need to be.

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The Baked Bear Ice Cream Sandwich in front of Transamerica Building

The very first thing we had at The Baked Bear was a Custom Ice Cream Sandwich that was already a dessert game changer from the moment we laid eyes on it. Check that bad boy out. Those are freshly made funfetti cake cookies on the outside, with a scoop of cheesecake ice cream and a scoop of bear batter ice cream in between, and a brownie right down the middle. See how the brownie has some give to it? That’s how you know it was nice and warm when they threw it in. Then, to add the icing on the (cheese) cake, we got Fruity Pebbles coating the edges of the cheesecake ice cream, which added an awesome crunch to the mix.

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The Baked Bear Ice Cream Sandwich on table 2

We have an insatiable sweet tooth, so you already know we got one more delectable dessert. You’re probably familiar with pizookies, especially if you’ve been to places like BJ’s Restaurant, but those are massive, mass produced, and have an awful cookie-to-ice-cream ratio. The Baked Bear has Cookie Bowls where you can choose among their 13 cookie flavors as a base, and then add any ice cream and toppings you want. The cookie is warmed up so you can go to town with your spoon and scarf it down with no problems. Our combo of choice was a chocolate chip cookie with mint chip and chocolate chip ice cream, topped with rainbow sprinkles and crushed Oreo’s. It’s just as good as the ice cream sandwich, plus a little less messy if you’re worried about that! Be sure to check this place out the next time you’re in SF!

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The Baked Bear Ice Cream Sandwich on table

Till next time, Nomsters!


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