Baltimore Cultured: A Gem in Mount Vernon Marketplace

We are beyond stoked to tell you guys about one of our favorite places in Charm City so we hope you’re ready for some foodporn.  We recently had the pleasure of lunching at Baltimore Cultured with @theboywiththebluebeard, and we seriously loved EVERYTHING Chef Andrew made us.  They’re located inside a big food hall called Mount Vernon Marketplace, and we’re frequent customers because there are some seriously nom places there – more on that some other time though.  Today, we’re focusing on the deliciousness that is Baltimore Cultured.

A Soup We’d Eat All Day, Every Day

We started our meal off with a bowl of Chef Andrew Cole’s Thai Coconut Carrot Soup with cilantro oil.  This was unbelievably tasty.  The carrots were super tender, and the broth was insanely flavorful.  If you’re a fan of coconut anything, you need this in your life.  It’s perfect for cold weather like this, and it’d be great with some warm bread.

Then came course 2, Chef’s Baked Fresh Mozzarella ($10).  This dish took “it’s lit” to a whole ‘nother level since it was, well, literally on fire.  It was a juicy tomato slice with housemade fresh mozz, fresh basil, olive oil and pink peppercorns.  This was definitely tasty, but we wished there was more of it – we thought the portion size was a bit small for $10, but that’s just us.  Also FYI, the cocktails pictured above are the Beetlejuice ($10) and the Cold Brew ($11).  If you’re big into beet, the Beetlejuice is a must-try!  It contains Green Hat Gin, Beet Juice, Elderflower Tonic, Maple and Lime Juice.  If you go during their happy hour (everyday from 3-7), they’re a dollar off!

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Why Baltimore Cultured’s Happy Hour is So Bomb

Speaking of Happy Hour, they have a bunch of really great food specials available as well.  For $10, you can get a killer charcuterie board filled with Chef’s Choices of meats, cheeses and whatever else he decides to throw in the mix.  He sent us a beautiful board with various different bites for us to try, and everything was absolutely amazing.  Our personal favorites were the prosciutto with pickled pineapple and basil, his hot goat cheese dip, his housemade ricotta with pickled fennel, and his roast beef with tiger sauce and pickled red onion…so pretty much everything he made, ha.

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On top of their killer charcuterie, Baltimore Cultured’s known for their sandwiches so we’ll definitely be back soon to try more of their food.  The Cultured Club sounds amazing, and the Caprese’s also calling our name.  Have you guys tried their noms yet?  If yes, what did you think? If no, when are you gonna go because we’re gonna tag along with you, ha!  Definitely let us know what you thought of today’s post by leaving us a comment below.  Happy eating, friends!


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