Banditos Taco Wars Recap

Alright guys, you probably don’t remember this event because it took place a month ago, but I wanted to recap it anyways because it was a ton of fun. I really hope Taco Wars at Banditos becomes an annual thing because $20 for AYCE tacos and tequila tastings is pretty damn amazing.  Dave Seel aka thefoodadventurer did such a great job setting everything up.  I was invited to come judge, and I happily downed one of each taco to find my favorite.

banditos drinkspulled pork tacos

The winner for me was the shrimp taco from Taco Love Grill.  I took BmoreFood as my +1, and he also agreed that this was the best option there.  There were definitely some impressive tacos though – Banditos did a really interesting version with fried chicken skin and cheetos (pictured at the very bottom).  I’m not big into cheetos on food, but this was pretty tasty!

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taco grill tacos food marketa tacos banditos taco wars banditos beef tacos

So where my taco lovers at?  Comment below with your favorite taco place in Charm City.  If you don’t live in the area, tell me about your ideal taco combo instead.  Alright Nomsters, that’s it for today – I’m keeping it short and sweet.  Read about other events we’ve covered here, and access more Baltimorean noms on this tab.  May you devour all thangs delish until next time, frands.


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