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Why Bantam King is the GOAT

Bantam King can do no wrong!  They have some of the best ramen in the city, but their fried chicken slaps as well.  It’s actually kind of wild when you think about it.  A noodle joint that makes a killer Nashville fried chicken – whaaaaat?!??!  It’s all so freakin’ good though.  Their Nashville inspired chik’n is a go-to for sure, but their curry snow fried flavor’s bussin’ as well.

Just look at that crispy magic.  Topped with a tangy-sweet onion sauce, Japanese curry, and fresh Vidalia onions, it’s served with a side of rice – complete with butter, soy sauce and chicken drippings – and a dinner roll.  We got white meat this time ’round, but you have the option of getting dark meat if you prefer.

Another must try app?  Their gyoza.  Served in a delicious chili oil with sesame seeds and cilantro, these steamed chicken dumplings were nothing short of scrumptious.

And you can’t go to BK without enjoying ramen so we got 2 bowls to share:  their Shoyu Paitan and their Spicy Miso.  The former’s a soy sauce based bowl with savory caramel tones while the latter’s shiro miso combined with chilies and peanuts.

Both came with pulled chicken, greens, scallions, chili threads, sweet corn, naruto and a spritz of aromatized wine.  Although we loved the subtle flavor of their shoyu, we’re big on heat so their spicy miso reigned supreme.  And by the way, remember to always, ALWAYS get their spice bomb!  It’s only a dollar extra, and it enhances your bowl tenfold.

Now, no meal’s complete without dessert so definitely make sure to indulge.  Their sugar donut was insanellllly tasty, like one of the best donuts we’ve had in DC tasty.  It was fried fresh and came rolled in sugar and kinako.

Honestly, we regretted JUST ordering one because it was so damn delicious.  Next time, we’ll be sure to get 3 for $4 so we don’t fight over the last bite.

Anywho, that’s wrap for today’s post!  We hope you enjoyed reading all about our latest nom adventure at Bantam King.  Click here for more DC reviews and stay tuned for fresh new content coming your way.

PS.  we take topic requests so if there’s anything you want to see, shoot us an email at or leave us a comment below.  Until next time, friends.  Eat all the things.

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