Bay Area Hidden Gems: Himalayan Cuisine in Concord

Himalayan Cuisine is great spot for North Indian and Nepalese food in Concord, CA. I discovered them while visiting Concord for their Comfort Food Week and was pleasantly surprised by the dishes I tried. I was able to speak with the head chef a bit about the concept and he told me that since Indian food is much more popular in the US, he made about 80% of the menu North Indian food, and the other 20% Nepalese food with the goal of bringing people in with food they’re familiar with and introducing them to Nepalese cuisine in the process. It’s definitely worth a visit, and below are our recommendations!

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Heart Beet Lamb Chops

The Heart Beet Lamb Chops, in addition to being a clever play on words, was delicious! They are one of Himalayan Cuisine’s specialty dishes composed of grilled chops tossed in a beetroot puree, which have a strong flavor and a bit of a spicy kick to them, and you can just pick them up with your hands and bite into them like drumsticks.

Goat Biryani

I’ve had some disappointingly dry biryani before, but it was the complete opposite experience at Himalayan Cuisine! They prepare it with basmati rice, “exotic spices,” saffron, and cardamom, and everything is moist, fragrant, and delicious. You can choose among goat, lamb, chicken, shrimp, and vegetarian, so we went with the goat, and we’re glad we did. They put the meat on the plate first, and then pile the rice on to, which really keeps it fresh and hot. Keep in mind some pieces were bone-in, but the meat was so tender that the meat literally just fell off. This is a definite must-order!

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The samosas were awesome, especially if you’re looking for a starter that’s more familiar. They were vegetarian with an extra crispy exterior and warm potatoes and spices on the inside. Two come in each order, so you can’t go wrong with these!

Chicken MoMo

These are very similar to dumplings you might have had at other Asian restaurants. Himalayan Cuisine’s Chicken MoMo are steamed chicken dumplings that are served with a sweet sauce. They’re a great side or appetizer to balance out the salty and spicy flavors of the other dishes.

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