Bella Trattoria: Amazing Italian Food in the Inner Richmond

It’s been a minute since I (Kim) last visited San Francisco.  I loved being back, and true to form, I spent the majority of my trip dining and imbibing.  I tried to go to as many places as possible, whether it be a hidden gem or a two Michelin star establishment.  Although everything was delicious (as per usual), the highlight was probably Bella Trattoria.

Located in the Inner Richmond, this unassuming Italian restaurant is 200% worth the visit.  There were SO many glowing reviews (on both Yelp and Trip Advisor), but I wasn’t sure what the food would be like.  You never know with reviews – sometimes they’re super on point…a lot of times they’re not.  Welp, Bella Trattoria totally lived up to the hype.

baked polenta

To start, I got an order of their Polenta Di Bella, baked polenta topped with gorgonzola and sautéed crimini mushrooms.  It was priced $12 on their menu, but for some reason they charged me $18?  I didn’t mind though.  Tough times, and whether it was an error or not, I was more than happy to pay the extra $6 + tip 30%.  Just bringing it to your attention in case that’s an issue for y’all!

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Honestly, after enjoying their polenta, I wish I had ordered more.  The risotto balls sounded really good, and I would’ve loved to try their meatballs as well.  I guess more incentive to go back the next time I visit Frisco.

fresh italian bread

They also bring you freshly baked Italian bread, which is always a do in my book! It was soft and delicious, and I really enjoyed dipping it in their accompanying sundried tomato + oil mix.  Simple yet sublime.

I ended up getting two entrees to try.  They offer house made pasta so that was obviously a must!  They make their noodz with 00 flour and organic semolina.  For those of you with dietary restrictions, they don’t use eggs or dairy, and they also offer a gluten free penne at no extra charge.

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fresh pasta san francisco

Pappardelle’s my favorite noodle so I ended up getting that (flat ribbon spinach pasta), and it came with pork sausage, tartufata and butter sugo.  This goes without saying, but the pasta was cooked to absolute perfection, and the ingredients came together so beautifully.  Portions were generous, and they were heavy handed with the sausage. There was just the right amount of sauce, too!

Although I was tempted by their gnocchi and pinsa, I decided to get an entree as my second.  I’m a sucker for eggplant so I couldn’t resist getting their parmigiana:  grilled eggplant with fior di latte mozzarella, San Marzano tomato sugo, and sautéed spinach.  Their tomato sauce was insanely tasty, and I honestly couldn’t stop eating this dish.  I also loved that they were heavy handed with the garlic (for their spinach).

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eggplant parmigiana

They really hit it out of the park, and I can’t recommend them enough.  Regardless of where you’re at in the Bay, Bella Trattoria is absolutely worth the visit.    I will absolutely be back, and in the meantime, I’ll sing their praises because they deserve all the success.  For more on SF content, make sure to check out this tab, and stay tuned for more coming your way.  Until next time, Nomsters!


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