Belvedere Square: The Must-Visit Food Hall in Towson

It’s no secret that we love food halls.  We visit Mount Vernon Marketplace and R House on the regular so we’re shocked it took us THIS long to check out Belvedere Square.  Located on York Road/Northern Parkway, they have everything from nom food options to bomb ass retail stores – think flowers, interior stuffs, clothes and oh so much more.

…but we’re gonna skip all that and go straight to food because that’s what we’re most interested in.  Are we right or are we right? There are 15 different vendors there, but 13 if you don’t count Subway or TCBY, lol.  We’ve been to three thus far, but we can’t wait to come back and try more.

Plantbar:  For All Things Healthy

plantbar juice

If you want to eat clean without sacrificing flavor, you gotta give Plantbar a try.  They have delish made-to-order juices, smoothies, and bowls.  We highly recommend their “Post-Workout Elixir.”  It’s made with cucumber, pear, lemon, mint and kale, and it’s truly refreshing, like you can feel your bod thanking you as you drink it.

plantbar smoothie bowl

The Cosmic Bowl’s great, too.  It contains pineapple, pomegranate, banana, acai & chia seeds, and it’s layered with chocolate chia granola (vegan + gluten-free), banana, bee pollen and drizzled with raw chocolate syrup.  And it’s only $10!  Super, SUPER reasonable for the amount of food they give you so definitely make sure to pay ’em a visit.  FYI, they also have a location in Harbor Point if that’s closer to you.

Sofi’s Crepes:  Sweet + Savory Goodness In Yo Belly

savory crepe

I’ve always been a huge fan of crepes, and Sofi’s a longtime fave for sure.  They have everything from savory to sweet so there’s something for everyone.  I’ve tried several different combos, but my recommendations are as follows:  the Kevin Bacon, the Crepe Florentine (pictured above), the Godfather, the Motz, Nutella, and S’mores (Doug, their district manager, hard at work crafting the perfect s’mores crepe).

sofi's crepes

The florentine contains fresh spinach, mushrooms, gruyere cheese, and sunflower seeds and is topped with a pepper parmesan sauce so bring your vegetarian bestie along with you to indulge.  FYI, they have gluten-free options (buckwheat batter) as well, which is bomb.

If you’re not sold yet, hear us out.  The crepe is made fresh in front of your eyes so it’s pipin’ hot.  It’s thin as can be, but the texture’s still nice and chewy – the melted cheese is pretty much heaven, and you almost feel healthy nomming on the spinach and mushrooms.

smores crepe

The s’mores crepe is pretty much the epitome of decadence so get some.  It’s made with chocolate, melted marshmallows and graham cracker crumbs, and it’s amazing.  When isn’t gooey chocolate a do though!  If you’re not a fan of their pre-made options, you can always make your own.  They have all kinds of fillings so go wild, friends.

Prigel: Indulge Your Sweet Tooth

prigle fruit loop milkshake

I know I just got done telling you about Sofi’s Crepes, but Prigel’s is a must as well.  So, this is what you’re gonna do.  You’re gonna grab all your friends, hit up both and share because sharing is caring, and we need more of that in the world.

edible cookie dough

To tell you a bit about Prigel, they’re a family run business that’s been farming in Long Green Valley for over 100 years.  Their Creamery is 100% certified organic so you know their quality’s legit, and they care about the well being of each and every animal – they have over 150+ cows that graze on fresh grass happily day and night.

churros waffle with nutella

Now, onto their epic sweets.  They obviously have amazing ice cream, but that’s a given, and they’re so much more than that.  We tried three different desserts there, and we genuinely loved them all!  It’s hard to pick favorites because everything was so yum, but if we absolutely had to, we’d go with the churro waffle with nutella and vanilla ice cream.  The edible cookie dough was delicious as well, and their fruit loop milkshake was money.  Hit them up for creamy deliciousness that will hit the spot every time.

dessert drinks

Alright guys, we hope you enjoyed reading all about Belvedere Square.  Have you been yet?  If yes, you gotta tell us about your favorite spot there.  And for those of you interested, you can browse more MD foodporn here!


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