United Tastes of America: Texas

It’s been a minute, which is why we’re so excited to share yet another installment of United Tastes of America.  We are beyond pumped to feature Ryan Fernandez aka @datfoodporn today on our blog.  Known for his “color pop” photography, he’s all about dramatic angles to showcase all the droolworthy dishes he devours on the regular.  If you’re planning on visiting Houston soon, make sure to bookmark his post and try all of his recommendations.

Name:  Ryan Fernandez (@datfoodporn)

City/State: Houston, TX

Where to:

1.  Grab brunch with your friends: Rise No. 2.  This cute French restaurant turns anything and everything into the most decadent souffles. Come hungry and dressed to impress.  I highly recommend their raspberry flavor.

Rise Souffle

2.  Satisfy late night cravings: Whataburger.  This is arguably the best fast food burger joint in Texas, and in my opinion, it rivals anything either coast has to offer.  It’s also open 24/7, which is a serious plus! 


3.  Splurge $$$ on a killer meal: Killen’s BBQ.  Wake up early to stand in line, free beer in hand.  Enjoy the smoky delicious smells while you wait for some of the best BBQ in the United States.  Their beef ribs are so tender, the meat will fall right off the bone, and it’s juicy enough to rehydrate your body. 

Killen's BBQ 

4.  Go for date night:  Field and Tides.  This modern farm-to-table restaurant oozes cozy vibes and features international flavors with dishes like asian beef ribs and crab fried rice.  Be prepared to unbutton a few after your meal.

Field and Tide plates

5.  Eat clean: Peli Peli Kitchen.  Houston’s known for its diversity thanks to restaurants like Peli Peli.  They’ve introduced South African flavors to the city, and they’re known for their intense flavors and delicious sauces.

peli peli chicken

6.  Enjoy coffee/tea with a friend: Kim’s Teahouse.  Kim’s is Houston’s OG of all things tapioca & boba.  Whether you need to study or escape the Texas Heat, they’ll make you feel right at home with their amazing drinks.

7.  Dine on a budget: Shabu Zone.  For $17, you get to have unlimited hot pot.  Pick your soup of choice and get whatever your heart desires.  That means noodles, prime meats, and all kinds of different fillings. Don’t be surprised if minutes turn into hours when you dine at Shabu Zone.  You can’t go wrong with their spicy broth and spinach noodles.

shabu zone

8.  Find the best happy hour deals: Kirby Ice House.  This is, hands down, the best spot to watch your sports game of choice.  So sit back and enjoy a cold one from their library of drinks.

9.  Eat for the gram: Magical Dessert Bar.  Simply taking a picture will increase your sugar levels.  The bright colors are so vibrant, they’ll potentially blind you, and you’ll have to stop yourself from using “cute” and “pretty” to describe every menu item you get.  Case in point:  their strawberry milkshake topped with a slice of rainbow cake, a cherry donut, a sugar cookie and a macaron.  

magical dessert bar

10.  Go with a large group: Pitch 25.  Bring your entire crew and enjoy their wall of alcohol and delicious rustic food. There are flat screens on every wall, along with an indoor soccer pit because why not shoot penalty kicks while you wait for your eats? Good times are to be had, guaranteed.  Pictured: a Szechuan chicken sandwich garnished with smoked wings, served over pulled pork fries.

pitch 25 houston


1.  Burger: Bubbas Burger Shack

2.  Pizza: Creed Italian.  I recommend their half calzone, half pizza combo.

3.  Ice cream:  Sweet Cup Gelato

4.  Asian food:  Literally any restaurant on Bellaire street.  I especially love the dim sum at Ocean Palace.

ocean palace dim sum

5.  Drink:  Wooster’s

6.  Steak:  Pappa’s Bros. Steakhouse

7.  Seafood: Crawfish Cafe


8.  Noodles: Izakaya.  Try their chicken katsu ramen with skewers and soup dumplings.

izakaya houston

9.  Coffee:  Agora

10.  Hidden Gem:  BBQ Garden Korean Restaurant

bbq garden korean restaurant

11.  Wings:  FM Kitchen and Bar

FM Kitchen wings

Alright guys, we hope you enjoyed reading all about Houston’s best.  If you enjoyed this post, make sure to share it with a friend or two, especially if they’re heading to TX in the near future.  A huge, HUGE thanks to Ryan for sharing his awesome recommendations with us!  If you enjoyed his content, remember to check him out on instagram.  To browse other United Tastes of America features, click here.  Until next time, Nomsters!



    October 14, 2019 / 4:02 am

    I love this! Check out Tornado Burger. The Burgers are amazing!! Also, Sparkle’s Burger place. I’ll let you be the judge. Oh and you can’t forget The Breakfast Club…

    • nomtasticfoods
      October 15, 2019 / 8:37 am

      Thank you for your recommendations! We’ll be sure to check them out <3

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