Where to get the Best Empanadas in Baltimore, MD

Located at 428 South Highland Avenue, this Francesca’s Empanadas Cafe is killin’ the empanada game.  We recently had the chance to get a slew of their goodies to go, and the food was seriously amazing.  Expect crispy, flavorful pockets of magic that will leave you happy and full.

francesca's empanadas cafe

You get to choose between white flour and corn flour empanadas, and they have various fillings available.  We got the following flavors this time around:  beef and potato, spinach and ricotta cheese, and shredded chicken.  The beef was our least favorite of the bunch, but we’d get their chicken and spinach empanadas again any day of the week.

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francesca's empanadas

The shredded chicken was beautifully seasoned, and the accompanying sauces were delicious.  We’re not sure what they put in their aioli, but we’d totally buy it by the bottle for sandwiches and other noms.  The spinach and ricotta was packed full, and their flavors were super in your face, but we mean that in the best way possible.  In terms of flour versus corn, we personally enjoyed the flour more so we recommend starting with that!

cassava rolls

And although they’re known for their empanadas, you don’t want to leave without trying their pupusas and cassava rolls.  They offer both cheese and pork for the former, but we recommend going with the latter because it’s heartier.

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The cassava filled cheese rolls were incredible as well!  We heat them up a bit in the oven before enjoying them, but they were fire.  It was our first time trying this Brazilian treat, and if you’re unsure what it is, think of it as a fried dumpling of sorts.  They’re stuffed with manoic (a combo of yuca and cassava root) and cheesy deliciousness.

pork pupusas

To finish our meal off, we got two pumpkin empanadas for dessert, and they were exquisite.  We’re planning to share a reel of ’em soon so definitely make sure to keep an eye out.  For those of you interested, they’re open Monday through Thursday from 11-7:30PM, and 10-8PM on Friday and Saturday so head on over stat to get your fix.  It’ll be love at first bite, and we’re confident you’ll be comin’ back for seconds in no time.

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pumpkin empanadas

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