Where to get the Best Fries in DC: 6 Must Try Spots in the District

VERY excited for today’s post because we’re talking about the BEST fries in DC.  I feel the same way about fries as I do pizza.  Even “bad” fries are good fries, you know what I mean?  BUT here are 6 must try spots in the district with must try options.  So, let’s kick things off with Pow Pow.

1. Pow Pow’s Trolley Fries

pow pow trolley fries

This vegan spot on H Street has been a fave for god knows how long.  There’s so much to love, but their trolley fries will always have a special place in my heart.  These handcut noms are topped with kimchi, Korean ketchup, togorashi mayo, cashew cheddar, nori and scallions.  You have the option of adding a protein for a small up charge, but I always enjoy it as is.

2.  Falafel Inc’s Za’atar Fries

zaatar fries

Falafel Inc’s fries are so, SO good!  Think crisp perfection topped with copious amounts of za’atar.  I recommend enjoying this umami-packed side with their famous habibi sauce – available for $3 nationwide, definitely make sure to indulge ASAP!  Plus they have $4 (!!!!!!) falafel sandwiches so that’s yet another reason to go.  Andddd you’re welcome in advance.

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3. Lucky Buns Curry Fries

I pretty much love everything at Lucky Buns, but their curry fries are a personal favorite.  The sauce is wildly addicting, and I can’t think of any other spot in DC that offers this particular combo.  I recommend getting sauce on the side, especially if you’re looking to enjoy crispy “chips”  – definitely make sure to give this a shot if you’re big into coriander and cumin flavors (…or even if you’re not, ha).

4.  Blue Duck Tavern Hand Cut BDT Fries

blue duck tavern fries

Ok, so full disclosure, at $14 these are pretty pricy, but they’re so worth the splurge IMO.  If it makes a difference, you get a bunch of them, and they’re huge! I’ve never had fries quite like these, and I’d absolutely go back to have them again.  They’re like mashed taters that are fried then served with this amazing aioli.  Insanely tasty, I give them a 10/10.

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5.  Amsterdam Falafelshop’s Fries

amsterdam falafelshop fries

Double fried goodness with a delicious assortment of sauces to choose from?  Yes, yes and yes please.  I’m a big fan of their curry ketchup and garlic sauce, and Amsterdam Falafelshop gets bonus points for having late hours.  Because nothing’s better than freshly fried magic after a fun night out in the district.  Am I right or am I right?

6.  Bourbon Steak’s Fries 3 Ways

bourbon steak fries

I’ve always loved duck fat fries, but I think Bourbon Steak’s version is next level because they give you 3 different options.  I believe less is more is many cases, but with fries, more is always more, lol.  Enjoy a trio of preparations along with accompanying sauces!  I especially love their truffle fries so make sure you stop by to enjoy ’em with cocktails – just make sure you save room for dessert because their smoked s’mores are absolutely cray.

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Alright Nomsters, how many of these fries have you tried?  If you have a different go-to that isn’t listed, make sure to leave a comment below because ya girl needs in on the action.  For more on DC eats, click this tab here, and stay tuned for more content coming your way!  Robby and I update the Nomtastic Foods blog daily so there’s always something new here to feed your feed.


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