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The Best Gluten Free Desserts in DC

Hi foodie friends! Stephanie from @EatGFree here to give you a list of the top 5 best gluten free desserts in DC. For those of you who aren’t gluten free: you’ll still find this list to be legit. I promise.

1. Bjorn’s Bakes Chocolate Chip Sea Salt Cookies

What initially drew me to these cookies was the adorable french bulldog graphic on the label (the cookies are named after a pup named Bjorn!), but what keeps me coming back for more is the texture and the flavor. The cookies are sold in packages of two (you better believe I’m not sharing) and can be found throughout DC in spots like Each Peach and Glen’s Garden Market.

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2. Chocolate Cake Pops from Baked by Yael

Give me all the sugar! Gluten free cake pops aren’t easy to come by, but if they were, these would still be the best. They are sweet and gooey and have a perfect outer shell. Plus, the shop is across the street from the Zoo, so you can grab one and stroll over to see your favorite creatures (you can find me in the monkey house).

Best Gluten Free Desserts in DC Bjorn's Bakes Chocolate Chip Sea Salt Cookies

Chocolate Cake Pops from Baked by Yael

3. Bon Matcha Soft Serve

Not only does their soft serve look gorgeous, but it also tastes incredible. Not too sweet, really light, perfect for a hot day. If you’re a matcha fan, you can really commit and get just matcha soft serve. If you roll your eyes at all things matcha, there’s still something for you – they always feature another soft serve flavor other than matcha. If you’re like me and can’t make up your mind, it’s all about the swirl!

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4. Milk Bar GF Birthday Cake Truffles

These guys are new to the scene and have the gluten free community saying *bless up*. They taste just like the regular Bday cake truffles (I know from my gluten-eating days), which means they are incredible. Since Milk Bar just opened a flagship store in DC, I just feel like I should show my support by eating tons of GF Birthday Cake Truffles. I’m just being a good community member, ok?

Bon Matcha Soft Serve

Milk Bar GF Birthday Cake Truffles

Raspberry Pop Tart from Baked & Wired

5. Raspberry Pop Tart from Baked & Wired

This is the ultimate fix for your sweet tooth. It’s easy to skip over this beauty when you are scanning the desserts at Baked & Wired, but she’s a star. This pop tart doesn’t taste at all like the grocery store stuff (which BTW I think tastes great, too). It tastes like two buttery cookies stuffed with sweet jam and topped with a dreamy layer of sugar. Drooling yet?

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Thanks for reading along! I hope you get to try all of these treats. You’re gonna like they way they taste, I guarantee it.


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