Where to get the Best To Go Hotpot in Rockville, MD

We miss eating out SO much, but we especially miss hot pot since that’s something we can’t really do at home…or can we?  Alright, alright, it’s not the same, but Hot Pot Legend makes it pretty damn easy for us to enjoy something similar in the comfort of our home.  We recently hit up their location in Rockville, MD because we needed a fix, and let’s just say, we’re really glad we decided to give their to-go menu a try.

Because it’s just the two of us, we decided to get their custom hot pot option for 2-3 people.  For $49, they give you an obscene amount of food so expect serious bang for your buck.  But first, you gotta decide whether you want your food cooked or uncooked.  We went with the latter since we wanted to customize everything ourselves at home, but cooked is a fine option as well.

Then, you pick a base.  You have the option of getting 2, and they have a ton of flavors available so you have a lot to choose from:  mild spicy, spicy, extra spicy, mushroom, tomato, herbal, pickled cabbage, kimchi and pork bone.  It was tough, but we ultimately went with their spicy and mushroom.

To be honest, we only ended up eating the spicy because we weren’t crazy about the mushroom, but that’s just us.  We know plenty of people who enjoy that particular broth so don’t let us discourage you.  And fyi, their spicy was realllllly freaking spicy so if you can’t handle heat, go with mild spicy.  If you’re brave enough to try extra spicy, kudos to you, but we’ll definitely stick with the regular.  That was hot enough as is!

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Then, they let you choose up to 8 proteins and 6 vegetables, which is a ton because they’re very heavy handed.  Let’s start with proteins – they have a large variety of seafood and meat options available with everything from crawfish to beef tripe.

We weren’t feeling especially adventurous though so we just got beef brisket and lamb.  We were very pleasantly surprised when we opened our to-go package and saw two full containers stuffed with meat – it was more than enough food for the two of us, and we had plenty leftover.

They also had a wide array of vegetables to choose from.  We ended up getting the following, and they were all fresh as can be:  napa cabbage, boy choy, wood mushroom, king mushroom, enoki mushroom, and corn.  They also give you the option of getting noodz as well – you can get 2 max, but we decided to just get udon noodles because we’ve been devouring ramen on the regular.  They also have clear noodles for those of you interested.

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Andddd last but not least, dipping sauces.  We asked for their garlic, chili oil and chef’s sauces, but heads up, their garlic’s not a sauce.  They just give you a small container of minced garlic, which was totally cool with us, but we wanted to let you know just in case that’d be an issue.  We ended up mixing the garlic into our soup and chef’s sauce, but you may prefer their Chinese BBQ or soy sauce instead.

So, how exactly did we eat this at home?  We recommend one of two things: add your toppings of choice into a pot and bring it all to a quick boil before enjoying it as a soup or get an electric burner for your table for a restaurant hot pot experience.

You really can’t go wrong with either so it’s just up to you!  After setting everything up for pics, we decided to throw everything together and enjoy it like a soup, and it was nomtastic.  They give you rice to enjoy with your food so you’re stuffed by the end of your meal.

Hot Pot Legend also offers individual hot pots along with custom hot pots for larger groups of people.  Their current special’s available for a limited time only, and it’s $78 for stir-fry dry hot pot, green onion pancakes, curry chicken, hot & spicy dan dan noodles, seaweed salad and red bean soup.

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We’ve only really tried their hot pot so we can’t vouch for their other food, but we DID try their big face fried chicken filet ($10), and it was absolutely delicious so we’re assuming the rest of their food is as well.

As you can see, it was a huge piece of chicken, and it somehow managed to magically stay nice and crispy even after our 45 minute car ride.  It’s hard to mess up fried chicken, but some places somehow botch it.  Hot Pot Legend did a phenomenal job with this appetizer so we highly recommend it.  Stick it in the oven for a few minutes to warm it up before devouring it whole!

Alright Nomsters, that’s it for today’s review.  Would you be down to give to-go hot pot a try?  Let us know by leaving a comment and stay tuned for awesome new content coming your way tomorrow.  In the meantime, click here to browse more MD eats, and we’ll see you back again soon.  Happy eating!


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