Anju: The Best Korean Fried Chicken in DC

Hands down, the best Korean fried chicken in DC, and I stand by that statement 200%, fight me.  Located on 1805 18th St NW, Anju is Scott Drewno and Danny Lee’s latest food child.

The name is a term we Koreans use for noms that are typically consumed with alcohol, and by alcohol, I mean soju.  I’ve spent far too many nights at pojangmachas with friends, enjoying delicious food and drink in tents on the street until wee hours in the morning.  Good times all around.

How gorgeous is this dish though?  Their chicken’s fried to crispy perfection and the meat’s really juicy, but the star IMHO is the gochujang glaze.  It has a great kick to it, but it won’t burn a hole in your stomach – expect pure flavor that’s enhanced even further with white BBQ drizzle.

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korean fried chicken

Another must try is their mandu.  They give you 5 phat dumplings so definitely get an order (or two) to share with your frands.  They’re pan fried and contain a flavorful mix of pork and kimchi – the filling to wrapper ratio is solid, and the exterior has a wonderful crispiness to it.

dumplings dc

I’m not usually a big fan of yukhoe, but I really enjoyed their spin on this staple.  Think of it as Korean beef tartare – they made theirs with palm sugar, chili basil seeds, pine nuts and lotus crisps.  It’s packed with flavor, and it’s something I’d love to just devour with a side of rice – a definite must try when you go!

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koran beef tartare

Alright friends, I hope you enjoyed reading my latest review featuring Anju.  Let me know what you thought by leaving a comment below, and keep an eye out for fresh, new content coming your way soon.  For more on DC noms, make sure to browse this tab.  Until next time, friends.  Happy eating!


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