Best Mac and Cheese in San Francisco: Top 4

What’s up, Nomsters! Sometimes you need to just push your diet to the side for a bit and indulge in something freakin’ amazing. One of our go-to’s when we want to be 110% full and satisfied is mac and cheese! Not all mac is created equal, though, and unfortunately we’ve had some questionable, watery stuff before, which left us wanting so much more. So we made it a mission to find some places in the Bay Area that do it right, and we came up with this list of what we consider to be the best mac and cheese in San Francisco! Ch-ch-check it out!


The first in our list of the best mac and cheese in the San Francisco is from Sláinte in Oakland! It’s a really cool spot, and it’s the only traditional Irish Pub in Oakland. You seriously feel like you’ve been transported to Ireland – it’s such an awesome vibe. But the reason we’re reading this is for the mac, and their Bacon Mac and Cheese is phenomenal. It’s creamy, thick, super cheesy, and they sprinkle in bacon bits and bread crumbs for texture. The flavor is two thumbs way up, so get over the Jack London Square and try this one STAT!

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Next up is definitely the mac and cheese flight from Flights Restaurant. They have several locations spanning the Peninsula and the South Bay, but the closest one to SF is Burlingame. This one makes the cut because you get THREE different styles all in one order and they’re all bomb! That’s actually the whole idea behind Flights – you order flights of food and drinks, so you typically get 3 types of whatever you order. This dish comes with classic mac, truffle, and bacon & jalapeno variations, and they’re all hella legit. The classic is creamy mixed with all that melted, stringy cheese. The truffle mac was our absolute favorite, packed with all that truffle-y goodness and Parmesan cheese. And the last one has a tiny kick from the jalapenos, and of course, bacon just makes everything better.

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best mac and cheese in san francisco - Flights

4505 Burgers and BBQ Restaurant

This one breaks the mold a little bit, but was SO good, and is the perfect comfort food to go along with some delicious, smokey BBQ. 4505 is most known for their BBQ meats, which are definitely good by SF standards. The Frankaroni is crispy fried mac and cheese with hotdog inside. If you’ve never tried this, you need to rethink your life. The creaminess of the inside paired with the crispy outside creates a super satisfying texture that you often don’t get with traditional mac and cheese, even if bread crumbs are added. They’re relatively small – as you can see in relation to my hands – so we definitely recommend getting a couple!

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best mac and cheese in san francisco - 4505 Meats Frankaroni

Nob Hill Club

Finally, the Mac & Cheese at Nob Hill Club is always a good choice. It’s not flashy, but the simplicity and focus on flavor and consistency makes it a top pick for us. Also, check out our Instagram post showing a cheese pull from this one!

What do you think of our list of the best mac and cheese in San Francisco? Have you tried any of these dishes before? Do you have other mac and cheese dishes you’d recommend? Let us know in the comments or hit us up on our Instagram! Till next time, Nomsters!

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