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MidiCi: The Best Pizza in White Marsh, Maryland

Alright Nomsters, we’re pumped to tell you all about MidiCi today.  If you follow us on instagram, you’ve probably already seen a bunch of these shots, but we’re sharing them (plus a few extra) with you again just in case you missed them.  Located at the Avenue in White Marsh, MD, they’re a fast casual Italian joint that kills it on the pizza front.

Why Their Pizza Is So Special

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk in is their wood-fired ovens.  They designed the space so you could see them hard at work regardless of where you sat in the restaurant.  They were handbuilt by a third-generation family company in Naples so you know they’re legit.  Each one burns at 1000 degrees Fahrenheit (!!!) and it takes about 90 seconds to bake a perfect pie.

midici burrata appetizer

The whole interior is gorgeous though, and the ambiance is second to none, especially in the evening so if you’re looking for a cool place to go for date night, definitely make sure to hit them up.  We went for lunch the other day and enjoyed everything we got.

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Must-Try Appetizers At MidiCi

We started our meal off with a Burrata Caprese, and it came with a generous serving of cheese, an arugula salad and some bread.  This was a winner, but if you like charcuterie, you definitely want to get the Burrata with Melon & Prosciutto instead.  Their burrata is SUPER creamy, and it’s honestly big enough to be your entree…but you definitely want to get some pizza so be nice and share.

midici prosciutto pizza

We got two different pizzas and both were on point:  the top one’s their Egg N’ Bacon (made with fresh mozz, applewood bacon, housemade spicy sausage, garlic, oregano, and a freshly cracked egg) and the bottom’s their Truffle & Prosciutto (truffle cream, fresh mozz, mushrooms, prosciutto and baby arugula).

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The Best Pizzas At MidiCi

We don’t want to pick favorites or anything, but we had a favorite, and that was the Truffle & Prosciutto, lol.  Holy hell, that pizza was everything and then some.  The truffle cream was to die for, the crust was cooked to perfection, the arugula added beautiful texture, and the saltiness of the freshly sliced prosciutto was the cherry on top.  All the flavors complemented one another, and each bite was a heavenly explosion of nomtastic goodness.

So, make sure you get their Truffle & Prosciutto pizza, and if you can handle heat, try The Devil’s pizza as well.  This baby’s fire though so consider yourself warned.  It comes with tomato sauce, free mozz, housemade sausage, spicy italian salami, and red chilies, and we’re not playin’, you will definitely need a glass of water or milk on hand just in case.

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midici tiramisu

Although we were stuffed, who are we to skip dessert? Ha.  We forced our stomachs to make room and got a Tiramisu and two cannolis to share.  Both were tasty, but if you have to pick one, go with the cake.  It’s super moist and the perfect amount sweet!

cannolis midici

What did you guys think of MidiCI?  Would you be down to try their food or not so much?  Let us know what you thought by leaving us a comment below.  And also, we’re sorry we didn’t include prices in this recap – we totally forgot to write them down, but everything was super affordable so you won’t be dishing out an obscene amount of $$ to enjoy.  Until next time, Nomsters!  For more MD restaurants, make sure to check this tab out.


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