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Snowbots: The Best Puffles in Maryland

We are so beyond stoked to tell you guys about the best puffles in Maryland.  If you haven’t tried the infamous egg waffle yet, you’re in for a serious treat because it’s delicious AF.  It kind of looks like dough bubble wrap – weird visual but that’s what it looks like for real –  and it’s the best EVER when paired with rich, creamy ice cream.  If you haven’t tried an eggette yet, you need to haul @$$ to Snowbots STAT.  Located on 1701 Rockville Pike, they specialize in all sorts of fancy desserts.

best dessert places

Just look at this beauty – we got an original puffle with vanilla ice cream, fruity pebbles, strawberry pocky and caramel drizzle.  And yes, it tasted as good as it looked.  There were two puffle flavors (original + seasonal) and three ice cream flavors (vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate) available.  Toppings were extra, but drizzles were included with our ice cream.  We chose from brownies, cookie crumbs, oreos, pocky and sprinkles, and had the option of finishing off our creation with strawberry, chocolate, mango or caramel sauce/s.  Prices were as follows:  $4.98 for an original puffle and $5.98 for a seasonal cone (both without ice cream).  Ice cream was an extra $2, and toppings were 50 cents a pop.  Totally reasonable for the amount of nomz we got! Toppings are optional, but ice cream is an absolute must – like we said, best puffles in Maryland for real.

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Best Puffles in Maryland

They also sell boba here so if you want something sweet to drink, you have a lot to choose from!  We wanted to try something new so we got their honeydew green milk tea with strawberry jelly and boba and black sesame milk tea with boba, but our go-tos will always be rose and green milk teas.  For those of you interested, it’s $3.95 for regular and $4.45 for large.

delicious boba drinks in MD

Last but not least, we got a snowcream to share.  We love taro everything so we went with their Taro Taro flavor and topped it with strawberry wafers, mochi and condensed milk.  On a random note, can we hit pause for a second and talk about how amazing condensed milk is?  Anywho, if you’re unsure of what combo to get, there are several fabulous pre-made bowls listed on their menu board so go cray! You really can’t go wrong with anything, but we highly recommend getting the Matcha Green Tea.  It comes with red beans, mochi, condensed milk, and is an absolute must for matcha lovers everywhere.

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delicious snowcream

So what do you think, Nomsters – which dessert’s calling YOUR name?  For more on delish MD eats, click here.


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  1. Jennifer
    January 15, 2018 / 3:28 pm

    All of the sweets looks so good! 🙂

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