Best SoMa Bar Crawl For Foodies

What’s up, Nomsters! There’s a lot of information and tons of blog posts out there giving you a vague, general compilation of the “best happy hours” or the “best bars” in San Francisco, but that’s only helpful to a certain extent. You still have to figure out which part of the city you want to be in, what kinds of drinks and food you want, what vibe fits your mood for the evening… and let’s face it – we can all be indecisive at times, right? Well, we got you. We’ve taken all the effort out of trying to come up with the perfect night out by planning it for you. We’d like to introduce the best SoMa bar crawl for foodies!

This is basically a prepackaged night of awesomeness that’s guaranteed to leave you and your friends smiling and full of incredible drinks and phenomenal food without breaking the bank. This curated night out is in the order you should hit them up, so start with the first and end with the last. It’s also worth noting that this is from a foodie’s perspective. If you’re looking to get hyphy, this may not be the night out you’re looking for. Anyways, let’s get to it, already!

Map of Best SoMa Bar Crawl for Foodies

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1. Pabu

101 California St
San Francisco, CA 94111

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The first stop is technically in FiDi, but it’s just a block up from Market St. on California, so it’s still super convenient! Pabu is part of the Michael Mina Restaurant Group so you know you’re getting awesome quality. Located right on California Street, you can deliciously fresh Japanese tapas, sushi, and sashimi while you enjoy some of their incredible signature cocktails. They have all the staple drinks, but what really sets them apart is their creativity and limited time special drinks they put out. Just as an example, they had a Street Fighter video game themed drink menu for awhile! The Japanese-inspired food is awesome, as well, and you definitely shouldn’t miss their happy hour menu! Some of our favorites were the chicken karaage, pork belly buns, and their ramen.

2. Trailblazer Tavern

350 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94105

Trailblazer Tavern is another Michael Mina Restaurant Group joint that’s really cool! It’s Hawaiian-themed and they serve delicious original drinks that are more island/tropical themed. We don’t even know where to begin since everything on the menu is pretty darn fantastic, so we suggest heading there after you’ve warmed up with The Ramen Bar and Pabu and grab some of these refreshing, beautiful cocktails to keep the night going strong.

3. Louie’s Bar

55 Stevenson St
San Francisco, CA 94105

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You’re now half way through the best SoMa bar crawl for foodies, but make sure to save room in your stomach for the awesome eats here! Louie’s Bar is part of the Pour Guys group, which operates several top notch spots in San Francisco. We’ve been blown away by their commitment to elevating what you would consider bar food. Not to mention their bar manager has international bar tending experience and has won some competitions for his skills! Stop by for some classic cocktails or a beer, and definitely order some of their fried potato skins and their famous burger, aptly named The Burger!

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Louie's Bar Potato Skins Held in Hand Louie's Bar - The Burger in hand

4. Everdene

250 4th St
Fl 12
San Francisco, CA 94103

By this point you should be pretty full, so this last stop on our SoMa bar crawl is so you can chill with your crew while taking in some breathtaking views of the city and listening to bomb music! Everdene has become a really popular rooftop bar on top of the Virgin Hotel in SF. There’s usually a line to get in, but as long as you get there before 9pm it shouldn’t be longer than 15ish minutes. Plus, once you sign in with the host, you can grab a drink and hang out on the mezzanine level on the second floor while you wait your turn to take the elevator up to the roof. They’ll text you when it’s your turn, so keep your phone out! If you can grab a seat outside along the edge of the roof under one of the heat lamps, you’ve got it made. Drinks and views of the city all lit up at night? Booyah.

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best SoMa bar crawl for foodies - Everdene
Photo credit: Virgin Hotels San Francisco
best SoMa bar crawl for foodies - Everdene
Photo credit: Virgin Hotels San Francisco

So there you have it! We absolutely love all these places and really believe this SoMa bar crawl will be one that you can do over and over again and still enjoy. Even if you don’t end up making it all the way to the end, each spot has it’s own unique vibe and ambiance that you can get lost in, so as long as you’re having fun, that’s all that matters. As always, be safe and drink responsibly, and we hope this inspires you to try out the crawl! Till next time, Nomsters!

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