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Best To-Go Cocktails in SF

best to-go cocktails in sf - hula hoops

What’s up, Nomsters! It’s been awhile since we’ve all been out and about socializing, especially at our favorite bars. While we’re all being safe, sheltering in place, and ordering our fair share of food delivery, we’re missing one crucial element that tends to be a core piece of going out… drinks! Well, what if we told you that you that you can do a socially distanced bar crawl from home?? That’s right – a bunch of San Francisco’s best bars and restaurants are offering their delicious cocktails for delivery and pickup so that you can add some fun to your Houseparty and Zoom hangouts. Of course, this can’t replace actually going to a bar and experiencing the atmosphere with friends, but it’s a seriously awesome way to spice up a night at home. Here’s our list of the best to-go cocktails in SF!

1. The Showdown

The Showdown is one of our favorite spots for drinks and is for sure worthy of being in a list of the best to-go cocktails in SF, but they also have some incredible American food. If you’re looking to get both dinner and drinks squared away in one go, definitely check them out. We recommend their Tito’s Moscow Mule Kit, which comes with a 1ltr bottle of Titos Vodka, 4 bottles of ginger beer, 2 serious copper mugs, and 2 whole limes for $70. They’re located at 1268 Grant Ave in North Beach, and definitely worth a try!

2. Hula Hoops

Feeling like some tropical drinks? Hula Hoops has got you covered, AND some. This is another spot with great food options as well. They serve island inspired drinks and dishes with influences from Hawaiian and Filipino cuisines, and more! They’re also really big on ube, so if that’s your thing, this is the spot for you. Make sure to try their ube martini, ube piña colada, and the Lilikoi Tai! You can check out pictures of the drinks on their menu.

Hula Hoops is actually in South San Francisco, so they might be out of delivery range if you’re in SF, but trust us and make the drive out to pick up sometime!

3. Nihon Whiskey Lounge

While this place does not focus on cocktails, we still thought it was worth mentioning in our list of the best to-go cocktails in SF. Nihon Whiskey Lounge is where you need to go if elaborate cocktails aren’t really your thing and you’re more of a sip-on-some-quality-whiskey kind of drinker. They’ve got some of the best stuff in town – you’ll be spending some money – but if you’re a legit whiskey drinker, we can guarantee you’ll find top-notch bottles here including Hibiki 12 year, 17 year, AND 21 year. They’re doing a pop up at Tsunami Panhandle, so drop in to pick up some 2oz mini bottles, or grab a whole one!

4. Bonita Taqueria and Rotisserie

Bonita is cool little Mexican food joint in the Marina, and aside from bomb food, they’ve also started offering amazing margaritas to go! As far as flavors go, they have regular, strawberry, and spicy, and we definitely recommend spicy! You can get a single serving or pitchers, so you can be ready for whatever your night has in store.

5. True Laurel

True Laurel – although their website could use a makeover – is a fun spot to order drinks from because they constantly change their takeout menu. Because of that, we can’t exactly give you recommendations, but the exciting part is always trying something new! The drinks we’ve had have all been fantastic, so we don’t think you can go wrong. Check their menu on tock to see what they’ve got going!

6. Alchemist

Alchemist’s branding and game plan is on point. They’re located on 3rd Street right at the edge of South Beach, and one of the great things about them is that they sell 750ml bottles of some of their cocktails so you really have an idea of what you’re getting. You can also order 2-serving cocktails if you have fewer people in your household or you’re not trying to keep some for later, but the option of buying a bottle is pretty cool. It’s like having a bottle of wine, but it’s a pre-made Old Fashioned or their Staycation (apt name for the times) or whichever you choose. Check out their selection here!

7. Macondray

Last, but definitely not least, Macondray is located on the southwestern edge of Russian Hill. They’ve got a large selection of red and white wines, but what gets us really excited is their Frozé! We’re not entirely sure if they’re still offering it on a regular basis, but they also have a frozen piña colada if you’re in the mood for something chilly. Check their menu and order online on their website!

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