BOSO Kitchen’s Crazy Delicious Nuts

I am so shook!  To be honest, I’m not even a huge fan of nuts, but I high key can’t stop eating their candied red peanuts.  Like I’m eating them as I type this right now, lol.  For those of you looking to get your snack on, BOSO Kitchen is a really solid option.  I’m loving their Sweet Variety Pack ($23.99), but their eight snack bag variety pack ($14.99) is ideal for those of you who want to sample a bit of everything.

BOSO kitchen nuts

BOSO Kitchen’s goal is to finance an educational charity. “Our family came from a sub-Saharan African country, where children cannot afford books.  Most do not have school manuals, let alone books to read for pleasure.”  So basically what I’m telling you is that it’s a win-win.  You get to enjoy all the snacks while supporting a dope black business that’s dedicated to giving back.

BOSO kitchen peanuts

And in addition to some of the most delicious snacks you’ll devour, they also offer various soups like hearty black bean, vegetarian lentil and more.  Enough from me though – the founders of BOSO Kitchen generously agreed to answer a few of my questions so let’s get to it!

Tell us about BOSO Kitchen!

Boso Kitchen is a family owned business that makes everything from soup to nuts! We started our operations in May of 2016 and have been growing steadily ever since. My mom has always believed strongly that food should taste good and be good for you, and that’s what our food is all about. Eventually, we also want to use the proceeds from the business to fund a book donation charity.

Are you planning to open a brick and mortar in the future?

We’re actively looking for a location that we can use for production and retail, hopefully, we’ll be ready to go before the end of the year.

What made you decide to offer soups and nuts? Are these family recipes?

Some of these are family recipes! Our candied red peanuts were a common snack in our household in the summer and the turmeric chili almond & cashew were usually made during the holidays and given as gifts. Growing up, my mom (our lead chef) always gravitated towards legume products like baked beans, chili, and soups for meals so the soups are a direct extension of that. When we were ready to start the business we decided to pick products we knew like the back of our hands.

Are you planning on offering more flavors or dishes/soups?

We hope to add on at least one more soup by the end of the year, as for the nuts we’ve got a couple of things in the works!

What have some of your biggest challenges been as a small business?

Currently the biggest issues we have been navigating have to do with the supply chain. Last year we had to make some changes to ensure we weren’t constantly running out of our packaging materials.

Where can NOM readers find your food?

Currently they can find us at four different farmer’s markets: Eastern Market, Del Ray Farmers Market, Arlington Courthouse Freshfarm Market, and the Mosaic Fresh Farm Market. We’ll be at more markets come spring so follow us on Instagram (@Boso_Kitchen) for our updated market schedule. You can also shop our products at SMIVA, Market Wagon, Fresh Impact, or Handmade by LMAC. If you’re in DC grab a snack pack at 3 Star Brewery or Capitol Ciderhouse.

BOSO kitchen peanuts

If you live in the area, they offer free soup delivery to residents in the DC area for orders $30+.  As for their nuts, they travel well (obviously) so you can have them shipped to you wherever!  Highly recommend the candied options, but everything’s good so consider getting one of each because treat yourself, lol.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, and stay tuned for more content coming your way.  Robby and I have been updating the blog daily so make sure to check back soon!  Until next time, friends!  In the meantime, click here to browse more DC content.


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