Boston Market Lunch: New Menu!

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What’s up, Nomsters! Boston Market, the amazing rotisserie and sandwich spot, needs no introduction. They have always been known for their top quality, fresh meats, and now they’re releasing a brand new lunch menu full of new menu items with the same awesomeness you’ve come to expect from them. There are three sandwiches in particular that we absolutely need to highlight and you all HAVE to try!

Whether it’s their Chicken Avocado Club, Turkey Sandwich, or Chicken Salad Sandwich, you literally can’t go wrong. And they’re putting their sandwich where their mouth is by offering one free to anyone who brings in their favorite sandwich from somewhere else for a full-on throwdown! We’ll get into that a bit later, but for now, let’s talk about these new Boston Market Lunch items!

Boston Market Sandwich Stack 2

Chicken Avocado Club

We’re starting off with our definite favorite, the Chicken Avocado Club! They, for sure, don’t go light on the chicken, so you get your protein fix with every bite of this one. It’s served on ciabatta with bacon, avocado, Tillamook cheddar cheese, lettuce, red onion, and herbed tomato. It’s a classic with the Boston Market twist, and the herbed mayo really brings the whole thing together. You can tell the ingredients are all fresh, and downing one of these is a refreshing, yet filling experience.

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Boston Market Chicken Avocado Club

Turkey Sandwich

Next up, we decided to try out their turkey, and were not disappointed. It was moist! So much of the turkey we have had at other restaurants has been dry to the point where you 100% need to slather on the mayo in order to swallow it comfortably. The Turkey Sandwich from the Boston Market lunch menu is a completely different story! It’s fresh, has great texture, and the meat is prepared to perfection. We added bacon to ours for an extra $1 because, well, bacon. But you definitely don’t need it for this sandwich to be enjoyable.

Boston Market Turkey Sandwich

Chicken Salad Sandwich

Last, but not least, was their delicious Chicken Salad Sandwich. Just like with the others, the ingredients are ultra fresh, and the chicken is off-the-hook. You can tell just from looking at the cross-section below that the chicken is cooked masterfully. This one is served on multi-grain hoagie roll with sliced tomato, lettuce, and mayo. If you’re a fan of chicken salad in general, this sandwich is definitely for you!

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Boston Market Chicken Salad Sandwich

Boston Market Lunch: 6/21/19 FREE Sandwich Throwdown!

As mentioned at the beginning, Boston Market is so confident in the quality and taste of their sandwiches that they’re giving out a free sandwich to anyone who comes into one of their locations TODAY (Friday, June 21st) from 11am – 2pm bringing their favorite sandwich from somewhere else to do a comparison. They’re positive the freshness of their ingredients and the rotisserie meats will outshine the competition, so give them a try and see for yourself!

Sandwich Stack

All in all, we’re super excited about Boston Market’s new lunch menu! The quality and freshness of all the ingredients is clear and noticeable with every bite, and it’s super convenient. They make the sandwiches fresh when you get there and they’re ready in minutes, so you can be in and out to you next destination. To find out more information about the menu items, be sure to head to their website. Till next time, Nomsters!  PS.  Use promo code 37736 for online purchases for $3 OFF any sandwich, salad or choose two purchases. You can also print this coupon below to use it in store.  Offer expires 6/30/19 so run, don’t walk!

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