Brasserie Liberté: Delicious French Food in Georgetown

Who’s in the mood for some solid French fare?  If you’re looking to get your fix, you need to bookmark this post stat.  I recently got to check out the newly opened Brasserie Liberté located on 3251 Prospect, and lunch was lovely on every level.

The first thing that hits you is the interior!  I was honestly blown away by the architecture and design – think rich colors that ooze luxurious.  It has a very upscale but unpretentious vibe.  Pro tip: when you make your reservation, request the fabergé egg table.  If you’re looking to impress your guest/s, I’m confident you’ll score major points with this.  I know it sounds strange, but you just have to trust me.

My friend Sam and I started our meal off with a French 75, French onion soup ($12.95) and an order of their escargots ($16.95).  I’m a sucker for soup, especially on a rainy day, so that really hit the spot.  I mean, what’s better than a rich beefy broth with carbs, onions and all the cheese?  Yep, nothing.

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french onion soup

The escargots was seasoned beautifully with garlic, parsley and butter, but it wasn’t my jam.  Nothing against them though – I’ve just never been into the dish, but Sam really enjoyed it so I recommend getting an order for the table so everyone can try a bite.


For entrees we got Brasserie Liberté’s boeuf bourguignon ($25.95) and their smoked salmon tartine ($17.95).  Both plates were tasty so you can’t go wrong with either – it just depends on what you’re in the mood for.  If you’re hungry, I recommend splurging on the beef.

french beef dish

It’s red wine braised short rib, and it comes with caramelized bacon lardons, carrots, pearl onions, mushrooms and smashed potatoes.  It’s the epitome of hearty, and the meat’s so tender it melts in your mouth.

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The tartine’s smeared with crème fraîche then topped with smoked salmon, arugula, oven-dried tomatoes, radish, and basil balsamic.   It’s served with a side of house frites, and it makes for a great lunch.  The fish was really fresh, and all the ingredients came together beautifully.  There was a lot going on with the texture which I appreciated – the crispiness, crunchiness and creaminess all came together like an expertly orchestrated symphony of flavors.

salmon tartine

Sam and I couldn’t leave without trying dessert so we got an opera cake to share, and it was delectable.  It’s a sophisticated almond sponge cake (aka joconde) that’s soaked in coffee syrup, layered with coffee buttercream and ganache, then topped with a chocolate glaze.  It was a fabulous way to end our meal, and as you can, the presentation was stunning as well.  I hear awesome things about their profiteroles so I’ll be back for round 2 soon.

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opera cake

Alright guys, I hope you enjoyed reading about Brasserie Liberté!  Who’s excited to check them out?  For more DC food recommendations, make sure to browse this tab, and stay tuned for fresh new content that will leave you drooling on the regular.  Until next time, friends!


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