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Carpaccio: Authentic Italian Food in Annapolis

Reallllly not sure why Carpaccio isn’t packed at every lunch service because their food is bomb.  If you’re looking for authentic Italian food in Annapolis, you need to hit them up STAT.  We went for an early lunch (around 11:30 on a Thursday) and sat at a high table near the bar.  The restaurant had a really nice vibe to it, and the interior was impeccable.  When we walked in, we were greeted immediately and had our pick of tables!  Our waitress, Rachel, was absolutely wonderful.  She was very attentive and gave us great recommendations.

Carpaccio pizza bread

While we were browsing their menu, they brought us complimentary pizza bread, and it was ah-MA-zing.  We could’ve seriously just had that for our meal, but their menu options were too enticing [insert playful face here].  We ordered the following three apps to start:

  1. La Vera Mozzarella ($12.99, $18.99): fresh mozzarella straight from Italy…like legit flown in from Italy.  Served with sliced heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil.
  2. Melenzane Parmigiana ($8.99):  pan-fried Italian eggplant covered with tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese.
  3. Orangina Vesuviana ($5.99, $7.99): tomato and basil rice balls filled with fire roasted peppers, mascarpone & fontina cheeses, served crispy.

We really liked that they offered mezze and grande sizes – that’s why there are two prices for each dish…minus the eggplant, ha!  All three starters were delish, but we definitely had a favorite *cough cough* the tomato mozzarella.   As mentioned above, the mozzarella is flown in, but we didn’t tell you guys that it’s MADE at Carpaccio.  It was so creamy that it almost tasted like burrata!  It came without balsamic reduction, but they were more than happy to get it for us when we asked (no extra charge).  We recommend drizzling a bit for max flavor.  At $13, it doesn’t come cheap, but you get a pretty big chunk of fresh mozz so it’s worth it – if you’re a cheese lover, order a plate for yourself.

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The fried risotto balls – click HERE to see a video of the crispy noms – were on point as well, but we liked the eggplant more.  It was a pretty big plate, and we liked that there was much more veggie than coating.  We’ve had bad experiences in the past with mushy eggplant, but this was baked to perfection.  And the marinara sauce they used were delicious!

Carpaccio appetizers

above:  their orangina vesuviana || below:  eggplant parm goals

best food in annapolis

We wanted to try a variety of noms so we got three different plates to sample and share – sooo here’s what we got!

  1. Wild Mushroom Brick Oven Pizza ($15.99): made with mozzarella, cremini, portabello, button mushrooms, topped with gorgonzola cheese.
  2. Fettucini Carbonara ($13.99 for lunch, $17.99 for dinner):  crispy pancetta & caramelized onions in a light creamy sauce, topped with an organic poached egg and parmigiano reggiano.
  3. Piadina Parma ($11.99):  prosciutto de parma, olive tapanade, wild mushrooms, shaved parm, and baby arugula inside a Bolona style flat bread folded in a half mood shape, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.  Served with your choice of french fries or greek salad.
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They had two different kinds of pizzas available:   brick oven pizza and pizza rustica.  We enjoy both thin and thick crusts, but decided to go with the former because of the Wild Mushroom option.  We know we made the right call when it came out – it was nomtasticccccccc – and yes, we needed all those c’s.  The pizza dough was chewy – and we mean that in the best possible way – and there were soooo many toppings (!!!!) …without being soggy and shiz.  Soggy pizza is literally the worst.  When your yummy goodness just slides off? Ugh.  Lucky for us, Carpaccio showed us what pizza perfection was.

The Fettucini was also phenom.  The noodz weren’t made in house, but they sure as hell tasted like they were.  Cooked to absolute perfection and tossed with a rich and creamy (but not overwhelming) sauce, we savored every bite.  Also, extra props to them for adding a poached egg on top!  Yolk porn is the best.

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Anddd last but certainly not least, their piadina.  This was seriously one of the BEST sammies we’ve ever tasted.  The flatbread was SO thin and crispy, and it was FILLED with yummy goodness.  Like for real though, did you guys READ the ingredients above? Wild mushrooms?  Prosciutto? Baby arugula? It’s like they took everything good in life and shoved it into a sandwich.  Anywho, moral of the story:  try their piadinas because they’re tasty AF.  Also, their salad was legit!  We don’t even like greens, but we ate every last bite of this one (pictured below, keep scrolling).  Second moral of the story:  it’s an effin’ good deal.  $12 for a solid sandwich and a hugeeee side salad? Hell yes.

Carpaccio fettucini

Mmmm, noodz…

Carpaccio noodle dishesCarpaccio Pizzas

above:  mushroomy goodness || below:  the sandwich from heaven

Carpaccio PiadinaItalian Food in Annapolis

We’re definitely planning on hitting up Carpaccio again!  We had an amazing experience here.  Everything from service to food was on point, and we can’t wait to try more.  Who knew there was such incredible Italian food in Annapolis? Anywho, what do you guys think of our latest? Which dish looked yummiest to you and what would you get?  To browse more MD noms, click HERE!


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