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Celebrating Kiran Patnam’s Win Against Bobby Flay

We had the honor of coming in and trying Chef Kiran Patnam’s food a while back – if you missed our Apropoe’s review + video, click here – so it comes as no surprise to us that he schooled Bobby Flay on live television.  If you’ve never seen “Beat Bobby Flay” before, here’s how it works.  Two chefs duke it out with ingredients chosen by the iron chef – the winner then goes up against Flay with a dish of THEIR choice.  In this episode, Kiran went head to head with NY chef Jonathan Wu and beat him with cockles done two ways.  After taking him out, Patnam chose to face off against Flay with Butter Chicken.

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We don’t want to ruin anything for you guys, BUT we’re going to anyways because we can’t contain our excitement!  HE WON, and in honor of his victory, Chef Patnam cooked up his winning dish, and we all got to enjoy a plate.  Lucky for you guys, they’re adding it onto their regular menu at Apropoe’s so you’re gonna want to head on over STAT.  Taste the dish that destroyed Bobby Flay, ha!  It’s seriously THE most amazing Butter Chicken we’ve ever had, and we can’t wait to go back for more.  In addition to the melt-in-your-mouth curry, there was a beautiful buffet set up with different cheeses, mushroom soup, roast beet salad, crab scramble, and an array of desserts.  As per usual, everything was on point!

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Chef Kiran Patnam baltimore

above:  the “Chill Flay” cocktail, ha || below:  we’ll take all the cheese

Chef Kiran Patnam victoryChef Kiran Patnam beets

above:  beets galore || below:  Chef Patnam re-watching his victory with us

Chef Kiran Patnam Baltimore MarylandChef Kiran Patnam winner beat bobby flayChef Kiran Patnam Apropoe'sChef Kiran Patnam beat Bobby Flay

Andddd here it is!  Who’s chanting with us?  Butter chicken, butter chicken, butter chicken!

Chef Kiran Patnam's indian food

This photograph definitely doesn’t do Chef Patnam’s dish justice.  The presentation was absolutely beautiful, and we’re happy to announce that it tasted even better than it looked.  If you love Indian food (or even if you don’t), we can pretty much guarantee that you’ll enjoy this plate.  Out of curiousity though, how many of you guys are fans? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Chef Kiran Patnam's butter chickenapropoe's cake pops

Here are some dessert pics for you guys!  They had cake pops, gingerbread mousse (pictured below), and mini-eclairs.  The eclairs were a bit too tart for our taste, but everything else was delicious.  The mousse was definitely the best sweet of the bunch though.  We didn’t even know it was a thing, but we’re all about it now.  #TeamGingerbreadMousse

gingerbread mousse

We hope you guys enjoyed our latest event recap featuring Chef Kiran Patnam – for more, check out our event tab here.


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