ChiKo Dim Sum is Here to Stay

Yes, you read that right.  ChiKo’s now offering dim sum at their DuPont and Bethesda locations every weekend, and no one’s more excited than we are.  Available from 11-3PM via contactless pickup and delivery, you can indulge a la carte or get a bundle of 3 for $20, 5 for $32 or 7 for $45.

chiko dim sum

They’re offering the following 10 dishes weekly in addition to ChiKo Classics like their Cumin Lamb Stir Fry and Orange-ish Chicken:

  • XO Shrimp Juk, rice porridge topped with wok-fired shrimp
  • Confit Duck Springroll with a side of sweet chili sauce
  • Beef Jeon aka egg-battered beef patties, a staple in Korean cuisine
  • Cumin Lamb Dumplings, served in a flavorful Sichuan chili broth
  • Veggie Dumplings, made with wok-fired squash and garlic rice
  • Korean Fried Wings, dry spiced or spicy soy glazed
  • Kimchi Pancake, accompanied by a spicy soy dressing
  • Crispy Brussels Sprouts served with a gochujang aioli
  • Pork & Kimchi Potstickers with a sesame dipping sauce
  • Crispy Chicken Springrolls with Chinese hot mustard
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If you’re ChiKo fanatics like us, you’ve probably already tried a handful of these dishes…which means you know that they’re straight fire.  With that said, picking favorites is never fun, but if you want us to help narrow noms down for you, challenge accepted.

For your first time, make sure you get their XO Shrimp Juk, Cumin Lamb Dumplings, and Kimchi Pancake.  There’s just something so special about each one of these dishes.  Honestly, it’s hard to even talk about their juk without salivating at the mouth.  We don’t know what they put in this porridge, but it’s so damn tasty, we crave it week after week.

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shrimp juk

The dumplings are perfection as well, and lamb just so happens to be our favorite protein so what’s not to love!  The filling to wrapper ratio was on point, and the Sichuan broth mentioned was spicy yet flavorful.

cumin lamb dumplings

There’s a reason why their kimchi pancake was a bestseller during Lunar New Year dim sum brunch.  The texture was out of this world – think chewy, addictive magic.  Get 2 if you can, and enjoy this Korean classic in the comfort of your home.

kimchi pancake

We’ve only really discussed 3 dishes today, but their food reheats beautifully so feel free to overorder to your heart’s content.  Craving something eggy instead?  Hit up their Cap Hill location to stuff your face with some of the best breakfast sandwiches you’ll ever have the pleasure of devouring.  Click to learn more about I Egg You, and stay tuned for more nom content coming your way soon.

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