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ChiKo DuPont: What To Order For Lunch

Looking to mix things up for lunch today?  If you’re in the mood for some serious deliciousness, you need to order from ChiKo DuPont stat.  They’re currently open for contactless pickup and delivery from 11-9PM so definitely make sure to indulge.  Two must-try items on their lunch menu are as follows: their Sichuan Hot Fried Chicken sandwich and their Bulgogi Hoagie, both equally delicious in their own way.

bulgogi hoagie

Why ChiKo’s Fried Chicken Sandwich is a Must Try

Guys, their chicken sandwich is next level.  Think perfectly fried chicken tossed in chili oil and seasoned with ChiKo aromatics, then served on buttery ciabatta that’s lined with pickled daikon and dressed with a magical spicy aioli of some sort.  Each bite melts in your mouth, and the texture of everything will have you in complete and utter bliss.

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hot fried chicken sandwich

One of the Best Cheesesteaks in DC Proper

Prefer something a little different?  Give their bulgogi hoagie a go.  Think of it as a cheesesteak with a fun Korean twist.  Topped with kimcheese whiz, mushrooms and caramelized onions, you’ll fall head over heels in love with this combo.

bulgogi chiko

The bulgogi’s sweetness contrasts beautifully with the tanginess of the kimchi, and the buttery bun and cheese wiz further amplify this sandwich’s savoriness.

chiko hoagie

Get it with a side of ChiKo tots for the ultimate meal.  These morsels of goodness are topped with an incredible chili miso aioli that you’ll undoubtedly love.

chiko tater tots

A Must Try Dish Exclusive to ChiKo DuPont

Now, this next item isn’t available for lunch, but it’s exclusive to ChiKo DuPont so we wanted to feature it in today’s write-up.  If you haven’t tried their shrimp & toast yet, you’re seriously missing out.  It’s usually made with XO paste, but they’ve changed things up a bit and are currently using a garlic-black bean paste instead.

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chiko shrimp & toast

It comes with two slices of ciabatta, but you’ll definitely want to get more on the side!  To do this, simply order any snack and make a note requesting more bread.  To make the most out of this dish, we also recommend getting their rice with furikake butter.  Pour your leftover noms on top and enjoy it as a second meal.  It’ll be delicious even if you’re out of shrimp because the sauce is premium! Click here to order, and remember to tip generously.

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