ChiKo Menu Wars is Back!

Very excited to tell you guys about my latest experience at ChiKo!  If you’ve been following @nomtasticfoods on instagram, you already know that I’m a huge fan of their food.  Well, Menu Wars is back, and as soon as I heard, I hauled ass to their Capitol Hill location to splurge.

half a cado salad

For those of you unfamiliar with Menu Wars, it’s exactly what you’d think it’d be.  Chef Scott gives you four rounds of food, and you help him decide what stays and what goes by marking your favorites.  Who’ll win, the champ or the contender?  This was my second time participating, and it was a toughie.

chiko soup

The meal started off with a delicious soup & salad combo:  half-a-cado salad dressed with citrus soy and candied almonds, and egg drop hot n’ sour wonton soup.  And yes, I typed the soup out correctly in case you were questioning my grammar.  It’s a mix of three plus noodz so you get the best of all worlds.

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garlic shrimp dumpling

Course 2 was the first battle, and it was arguably my favorite round because I have an unhealthy obsession with dumplings.  I mean, their classic garlic shrimp dumpling versus a lobster dumpling in garlic ginger sauce?  How’s a girl supposed to choose.  It’s impossible.

chiko lobster dumpling

I seriously thought about checking both off, but I decided to go with the former (aka the champ) because life without chef’s garlic shrimp dumpling is a life of sadness.

chicken spring roll

And just when I thought I made the hardest decision of my life – I’m like 30% joking – then came the next round.  Meet their champ:  a chicken spring roll in Chinese hot mustard, and their contender: a pan-seared chicken dumpling in peanut sauce.

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peanut butter dumpling

Now, I don’t want to be disloyal, it’s just not in my blood, but this new chicken dumpling?  Sexy AF – it was like the George Clooney of dumplings.  I gave it my vote because it was that good, and it’s not fried so it’s healthier which clearly goes great with my “New Year, New You” plan, which I’m totally following.  My diet’s going great by the way.

chopped brisket chiko

And then came a sea of food for the last round featuring some of ChiKo’s most popular dishes:  their orange-ish chicken, their cumin lamb stir fry and their Wagshal’s chopped brisket served on top of rice with furikake butter and pickled peppers.  All this for $55 per person = borderline obscene.  Definitely make sure you get there ASAP to experience this delicious goodness. It’s honestly one of the best prix fixe options I’ve ever had.

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lamb stir fry noodleorange-ish chicken

Alright Nomsters, I hope you enjoyed today’s latest!  Let me know what looked yummiest to you by leaving a comment below, and stay tuned for new content comin’ at you on Saturday.  For more on DC noms, check out this tab.  Until next time, enjoy all the tasty things.


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