Chili House SF Flaming Fire Fish!

What’s up, Nomsters! This will be a quick one, but we REALLY wanted to shout out Chili House SF for one of their newest menu additions! If you love spicy food (including those numbing peppercorns!), Chili House is definitely the spot for you, and their newest dish literally heats things up even more. It’s called the Flaming Fire Fish and they actually set it on fire when they bring it to the table! It’s full of chilis with a ton of fish and it’s all got a nice little kick to it. Check out the video below; it’s quite a spectacle!

Chili House Flaming Fire Fish

Another awesome dish from Chili House SF was the Mian Pi, which was a slightly spicy cold noodle dish. It’s definitely filling, and we really enjoy the thick cut noodles. They were springy, which was impressive given the width of each noodle! The cucumber was a nice, refreshing touch to balance out the spiciness of the sauce.

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And finally, we had to mention a classic – the Shanghai Soup Dumplings! Filled with hot soup and pork, these dumplings are the straight up business! They’re so good you don’t even need the sauce, but it’s a little bit acidic, which compliments the more tame flavors inside the dumplings. The outside is the perfect thickness – you don’t want it too thick since that distracts from the contents of the dumplings – but you also don’t want it too thin since it’s literally holding soup, so it might fall apart when you try to lift it up!

That’s all she wrote! Definitely give all these dishes a try – especially the Flaming Fire Fish! It’s totally Instagram-worthy and tastes super bomb, too. Have you been to Chili House SF before? Let us know what you think in the comments below or on Instagram!

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