Chubby Noodle SF: Delicious Asian Fusion in the City

What’s up, Nomsters! Fusion food tends to be very polarizing – either you love the unique flavors that emerge from exploring different combinations, or you’re a traditionalist that believes each cuisine should stand alone and not be tampered with. No matter where you stand on the topic, we recommend trying Chubby Noodle SF because they really do a lot of things right. We tried three different dishes as well as all three to-go cocktails they offer, so let’s just get to the goods!

Thai Curry Shrimp Noodles

The first dish we got was the Thai Curry Shrimp Noodles, and they were great! When we saw the name, we sort of expected a typical curry dish where the actual curry would be more prominent, but as you can probably tell from looking at them, there’s really no curry to be seen. The red curry flavor is a bit more subtle, which is surprising considering how strong curries normally are, and it appears that all the noodles, shrimp, peppers, tomatoes, and other ingredients were probably cooked and tossed in a curry sauce before being drained and plated.

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One thing to note is that it’s got that Thai spiciness that builds on you over time, but it’s definitely not overly spicy. So even if you can’t handle a lot of spice, you should still give this one a shot!

Firecracker Wings

The Chubby Noodle SF Firecracker Wings were our definite favorite of the entire meal. As the name suggests, this is another spicy dish. There are several places in the city that do wings well, but there’s something about the sweet and spicy sauce they use on these that makes it impossible to eat just one. We probably could have demolished a whole second order of them! The actual chicken is also cooked well – it stays nice and moist even after the drive across town – and the skin is as crispy as it could be while covered in sauce.

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The wings are made with red chile, garlic, honey, toasted sesame, and soy sauce. If there’s one thing you try, make sure it’s these!

Spicy Wontons

The last of the food items we got at Chubby Noodle SF was their Spicy Wontons. We thought these might be a little crispy, but they actually come in a ponzu- or soy sauce-like sauce – they actually say it’s chili oil on the menu, so that’s probably true, although it tasted like more than just chili oil so maybe they add something special to it. They’re filled with pork and shrimp and topped with scallions, and it’s another solid dish if you’re looking for an additional small plate.

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Specialty To-Go Cocktails

If you’re feeling like getting your drink on with your dinner (or lunch, not judging), you’re in luck! Chubby Noodle SF has three awesome to-go cocktails!

The li-po like is crafted with rum, dry curacao, passion fruit, guava, and mint.

The pickin’ and choosin’ is made with white tea infused vodka, lychee, asian pear, and ginger.

And last, but not least, the taste consists of chili washed tequila, pineapple, turmeric, and carrot.

Our favorite was probably the taste because of how unique it was. Think of it kind of like a tropical Bloody Mary. It’s got a spicy kick to it while still finishing on the sweet side instead of savory. If you’re adventurous and enjoy spiciness (like we clearly do given what we ordered), don’t miss this cocktail!

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