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Copper Canyon Grill: Our New Go-To in Silver Spring

Nestled in the heart of downtown Silver Spring, Copper Canyon Grill’s got it going on *cue the music* ha, seriously though.  Their food legit blew us away – think HUGE portions of high quality grub for super affordable prices.  We would talk more about the classy interior, but we’re REALLY excited to talk food so let’s just get to it!

We started our lunch off with two appetizers: their Iron Skillet Cornbread ($6) and their Fiesta Eggrolls ($14).  Both were seriously delicious!  The cornbread contained bits of jalapeño so there was some kick to it, but not enough for it to be spicy.  We highly recommend getting an order to share b/c it was arguably some of the best we’ve ever tasted.  The eggrolls were on point as well – stuffed with chicken, veggies and cheesy goodness.  And ermergerd, their dipping sauce was heaven in a tin – we would’ve legit purchased it separately if it was available for sale, lol.

copper canyon grill maryland

above:  carbs are our weakness || below:  time for a fiesta, frands!

copper canyon grill silver spring

We were already pretty full after apps, but we ended up ordering a FEAST because everything sounded so freaking good.  We got FOUR different entrees between the two of us soooo yeah, we had a lot of leftovers.  Here’s what we got:

  1. Famous French Dip Sandwich ($18):  thinly sliced slow roasted prime rib on a toasted fresh baguette, with a creamy horseradish sauce served with au jus.
  2. Rattlesnake Pasta ($15):  fresh rotisserie chicken with garlic, tri bell peppers, mushrooms and lime juice.  Tossed with linguini pasta in a cajun alfredo sauce, topped with smoked mozzarella cheese and chopped cilantro.
  3. Hickory Grilled Tenderloin Filet ($25 for 6 oz., $32 for 9 oz.):  tenderloin steak, topped with gorgonzola bleu cheese butter and cabernet sauce.  Served with redskin mashed potatoes and sautéed spinach.
  4. Barbeque Ribs ($20 for half rack, $24 for full rack): slow cooked St. Louis cut ribs topped with BBQ sauce.  Served with julienne fries and coleslaw.
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As mentioned previously, Copper Canyon Grill’s portions were HUGE!!!! We don’t mean huge portions with crappy food, we mean huge portions with INCREDIBLE food – literally every dish had us oo-ing and ah-ing.  We were so impressed with everything they sent out that it was hard to pick favorites.  If we HAD to eliminate one, we’d give the pasta the boot…only because we’re not big on peppers sooo it actually has nothing to do with the plate itself.  The rotisserie chicken was so juicy though, and the flavor profile was on point so if you enjoy bell peppers on the regular, order this plate. Also, cheesy noodz are always a do.

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The red meat dishes were the bomb.com.  Hands down, best ribs and best french dip we’ve had in a longggggg time.  The ribs were slathered in delish BBQ sauce, the fries were crispy perfection, and the coleslaw added great acidity and texture to the mix.  The meat was smoky and it fell off the bone beautifully – definitely go for the full rack because it’s only $4 more, and it’s just as good microwaved.  The french dip was heavenly, and this baby also came with a huge portion of their perfectly fried taters – a must when you visit.  The meat was so tender, and the horseradish complemented it beautifully.

Anddd last but not least, their tenderloin.  We’re gonna sound like broken records, but the meat was, again, tender as hell.  We asked for medium well, and it was cooked perfectly.  The gorgonzola and cabernet were such good calls – flavorful but not overpowering so the meat was the star of the show.  The sides were solid as well.  Conclusion:  everything here was good so go wild.  We’re convinced they can’t make a bad dish!

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copper canyon grill pasta

above:  noodleporn || below:  sandwichporn

copper canyon grill sandwiches

All we’ve ever wanted is this tenderloin from Copper Canyon Grill – cue the drool…

copper canyon grill beef

Ending our lunch like champs with Copper Canyon Grill’s Chocolate Uprising ($8).  This epic dessert was ginormous.  Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream + tons of fudge and caramel?  What’s not to like! We enjoyed this sweet immensely, but it honestly wasn’t as good as their food.  We can’t believe it’s only $8 though because you could easily share it with 1-2 people.  We probably wouldn’t get this again, but their bread pudding’s calling our name – a little birdie told recommended it to us SO we’re gonna get that next.

copper canyon grill desserts

Copper Canyon Grill is a must-try for real.  We’re excited to go back and devour more noms!  For those of you interested, they also have three other locations. There’s one in Gaithersburg, MD, Glendarden, MD, and Orlando, Fl.  If you go to the one in Silver Spring, make sure y’all ask for Renee.  She was our waitress, and we absolutely LOVED her – so sweet and attentive.  Anywho, that’s it for today, Nomsters.  ‘Til next time!  Andddd if you want to browse more foodporn in MD, click here.


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