Cracked Eggery: The Must Try Breakfast Spot in Cleveland Park

NOMSTERS, be excited because Cracked Eggery’s‘ first brick and mortar is officially open!  Founded by partners Ross Brickelmaier, Mike Tabb, and AJ Zarinsky, this brekkie joint offers egg sammies all day long.  Tabb says, “we saw a gap in the industry at the same time Cracked came together, and it felt right so we started working and building the brand.”

cracked eggery cleveland park

“The food truck was originally a marketing tool for us.  We were actively looking at spaces and leases and launched the truck to make some money and check out neighborhoods.  The goal was always brick and mortar but when COVID hit, a month after we launched, everything was put on hold.”  Now that their Cleveland Park location is open, they’ll be streamlining the truck’s menu.

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For those of you looking for recommendations, their Mayor is apparently their most popular sandwich and by far.  Made with cracked bacon, scrambled egg, American & cheddar, and cracked sauce, it’s a delicious option for any and every meal.  The garlic parm truffle tots are also killer, but they have all sorts of fun flavors available, with everything from cinnamon sugar to honey butter.

tater tots

In addition to the aforementioned noms, they offer a slew of scrumptious bowls with tantalizing flavors.  Our personal favorite is their Seoul Mate, but everything’s solid so get whatever flavor combo you’re in the mood for.

When asked about his favorite menu item, co-founder Mike says, ” Southern Charm with The Bubby as a close second.  I wanted a fried green tomato BLT, and I love pimento cheese.  AJ came up with a phenomenal recipe for it all, and our bacon just crushes with those ingredients.”

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They planned to open their first location in Shaw, but due to the immense amount of support they experienced in Cleveland Park, it made sense to open there.  Tabb says, “we started with a propane griddle and a pop up tent as a member of their farmers market.  We did that for a year and had a ton of success.  When we launched the truck, we just kept going there on Saturdays!  We did that for a year, and the space literally in front of where we parked opened up.  We always planned on Shaw being first, but the neighborhood has been super welcoming so it felt like the right fit for Cracked #1.”

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Shaw’s opening in the near future so definitely make sure to keep an eye out – follow their instagram to stay in the know, and let us know what your favorite Cracked menu item is by commenting below.

cracked burger

We’re big on all things Logan Sausage, so our go-to is a tie between the Abe Froman (sausage, scrambled egg, American & cheddar, cracked sauce) and the Inigo Montoya (chorizo, fried egg, pepper-jack, arugula, lemon aioli).  And although they’re known for their breakfast sammies, they make one helluva burger so make sure to give that a try as well!


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