Cracked Eggery: The DC Food Truck You Needed Yesterday

If you follow us on instagram, you’ve probably already seen our Cracked Eggery pics, but there’s much more to share.  Hence the blog post!  Founded by Mike Tabb, Ross Brickelmaier,  and AJ Zarinsky, this bomb food truck is an absolute must try.  They offer bowls, tots, and delicious sandwiches with unique flavor combos that will blow your mind.  Expect egg sammies so explosive, your taste buds won’t know what to do.

cracked eggery

They have 9 different sandwiches available, but so far we’ve tried their Abe Froman and their Cracked Burger.  Both were served on toasted challah, but the former contained sausage, scrambled egg, american & cheddar cheeses and cracked sauce, and the latter was made with 2 patties, american & cheddar cheeses, pickles, white onions and cracked sauce.  Both were solid so if you’re looking to satisfy that diner itch, you know where to go.

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cracked eggery sandwiches cracked eggery burgers

Although they’re known for their sandwiches, we personally enjoyed their Seoul Mate bowl more.  And their tots?  Straight fuego, but more on that later.  They currently offer two kinds, and they’re both priced at $12 a pop.  The bittersweet symphony’s vegetarian, and it’s roasted butternut squash served on top of quinoa along with arugula, peach jam, ricotta, Mike’s hot honey, and a fried egg.

seoul platter

The Seoul Mate is the perfect lunch for those of you on the go.  It’s sushi rice topped with sous vide pork belly and a fried egg then served with a side of kimchi slaw, sriracha mayo and soy glaze.  The sauces are totally addicting, and the texture of everything is on point!  The pork’s succulent, and the sriracha gives it a nice kick.

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cracked eggery bowls

Looking to indulge further?  Order a side of their tots to treat yourself.  We highly recommend their garlic parm, but we hear amazing things about their other flavors as well – choose from the following: cinnamon & sugar, old bay, breakfast, and salted.  What sounds yummiest to you guys?  Let us know by leaving a comment below.

garlic parm tots

For those of you looking to get your fix, you can peep their truck schedule on instagram here.  They’re also planning to open a diner-style brick and mortar place in Shaw later this year-ish so definitely make sure to keep an eye out.  For more on DC noms, browse this tab and make sure to check back soon for fresh, new content coming your way.  Sending you guys positive vibes from the DMV!

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  1. Mark A. Hudson
    September 17, 2020 / 11:43 am

    I have heard several people talk about this food truck and how great the food is. How do I find it?

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