Must Try Dishes at Cuba Libre DC

It’s time for more deliciousness – who’s excited?  We’ve been trying new places left and right, and as a result, we’ve discovered some awesome places.  We’ve heard great things about Cuba Libre in the past but only recently got to try their food.

Due to COVID, we decided to get noms to go.  They did an awesome job packing everything up, and curbside pickup was a breeze.  They text you when your food’s ready, and you pull up to a designated spot in the front of the restaurant before giving them a quick ring to let ’em know you’re there.  If you’re cool with dining out, they have a ton of patio seating available so that’s an option as well.

cuba libre wings

So onto the best part:  noms, noms and more noms.  Between the two of us, we split two apps, an entree and a dessert.  We kicked things off with their Barrio Chino wings ($15.50) and their empanadas ($13.50).

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$16 may seem steep, but they give you a pound (!!!!) of their award-winning Asian BBQ wings so rest assured, you’re getting serious bang for your buck. They come with this incredible sweet chili dipping sauce that’s addictive AF.  Don’t believe us?  Try it for yourself, and see what the hype’s all about.  There’s a reason why this dish is one of their most popular items!

chicken empanada

Next up, Mama Amelia’s empanadas.  We wanted to try both their beef and chicken so we got one of each.  Their beef picadillo’s stuffed with Cienfuegos-style ground beef, potatoes, manzanilla olives and raisins, while their chicken de la casa’s made with hand chopped chicken, corn and jack cheese.

cuba libre empanadas

They were fried to crispy perfection and came with an aji-sour cream sauce that complemented both flavor profiles beautifully.  They were stuffed tight, and the filling was moist and flavorful.

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Our entree of choice was their Churrasco a la Cubana ($32), and they hit it out of the park with this dish.  Grilled skirt steak served with roasted garlic mash and a watercress salad?   What’s not to love?  We got ours cooked medium rare, and the temperature was perfect.

The meat just melted in our mouths, and we loved that they seasoned it with copious amounts of parsley, lemon and onion sauce.  If you’re in the mood for a hearty dish that will warm you from the inside out, we highly recommend giving this dish a try.

grilled skirt steak cuba libre

No meal would be complete without dessert so we decided to get an order of churros as well.  Other sweet options include Cuban flan, tres leches, and arroz con leche.  Which dessert sounds yummiest to you?  Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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cuba libre churros

If you’d prefer to order a meal package, they offer a nomtastic $60 Cuban roast pork dinner for two.  It’s a full three-course meal that comes with black bean soup, tostones, yuca fries and maduros as starters.  The main’s an extravagant pork platter that’s served with boniato mash and avocado, and you get to choose 2 desserts to enjoy at the end of your meal.  They also have a three-course option for one priced at $29.95 so definitely make sure to take a look.

Alright Nomsters, that’s it for today!  We’ve covered everything we wanted so it’s time to bid you adieu.  We hope you enjoyed reading all about Cuba Libre DC on our latest.  For more DC recommendations, make sure to browse this tab and stay tuned for more content coming your way.


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