Cuisine Solution’s Holiday Favorites Collection: Our Thoughts

Who’s excited for the holiday season?  As much as we love pigging out on Thanksgiving, Christmas or [insert holiday of choice], some of us don’t particularly enjoy cooking since it’s takes so, SO much effort.  Well, for those of you looking to splurge with a fraction of the effort, we highly recommend getting Cuisine Solutions Sous Vide Holiday Favorites Collection.

For $99 (originally $144.95 in value), you get their premium sliced top sirloin (serves 4-6), a turkey roulade with cranberries and apples (Serves 8-10), white beans with thyme and garlic (serves 7), and coconut chia oatmeal (serves 4).

cuisine solutions turkey

Soooo you’re probably wondering why we’re not sharing hella imagery today.  We love, love, LOVE taking pics of food, but our at-home creations don’t always come out the way we’d like.  Hence the one pic of their turkey roulade above!  Trust us when we say the food was amazing though, and we loved attending their virtual holiday cooking class.

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Led by Chef Sean Wheaton, the VP of Culinary and former talent of ThinkFoodGroup, we got to whip up several dishes with ingredients included in said holiday collection.

easy cooking at home

For those of you interested, the set also comes with a handful of recipe cards so you have a bunch of options to play around with!  For example, you can make sliced beef carpaccio crostinis and a beautiful fall steak salad with their beef sirloin.  Or throw together a delicious chocolate coconut berry parfait with your chia oatmeal or use it to make a pumpkin halwa to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Do whatever your heart desires, and prepare to be impressed by how tasty everything is.  And if you don’t feel like using a recipe, just heat, serve and enjoy!  There’s no right or wrong way to eat Cuisine Solutions.

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Trust us, we’ve been buying their beef and turkey at Costco for the last year now, and we’ve used their noms to make entrees, sandwiches, omelettes, you name it.  Highly, highly recommend, Nomsters.  Let us know if you have any questions/concerns.  We’re always happy to hear from you guys!


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